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She must be the most popular one-film-stardom as “Princess Mia” in the movie “The Princess Diaries” and its sequel “Royal Engagement.” Accompanied by renowned actress Dame Julie Andrews, CBE. These movies became part of our pop-culture especially for children who fantasize to become princess in their dreams.

She was born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway on November 12, 1982. She came from a reputable father, a lawyer. Her mother, a stage actress from which she got her inspiration to become an actress. Their family is a strict Catholic. She is also a well-trained “soprano” that earned her to become a part of the star studded “ Les Miserables Click to look into! >> Read More... .” She was inside the roster of People’s “50 Most Beautiful People.” She was in good relationship with Raffaello Follieri but then decided to split up due to their misunderstandings with their humanitarian missions. After few years, she then finally settled and got married with Adam Shulman Born as Adam Banks Shulman, he is a known actor in >> Read More... on September 29, 2012.

She was one of the record breakers to hold various awards in a single role naming Academy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild and Critics Choice. She first appeared in a TV-mini-series Get Real in 1999 to 2000. She appeared in few roles “Twelfth Night” and “Grounded.” But before she started acting, she first auditioned for the commercial of “Cheez Whiz.” She was also part of the critically acclaimed “Brokeback Mountain” and “ The Dark Knight Rises Click to look into! >> Read More... .” She made her important roles for the movies “The Devil Wears Prada” where she still keeps her “butt-pad” costume, a crime drama movie “Havoc”, a fantasy movie “Ella Enchanted” and her precious “Les Miserables” with co-actors Hugh Jackman He’s one of the sexiest men alive. His solitary de >> Read More... and Russel Crowe. She is the white queen for the series Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass. She earned great reputation in entertainment industry in just one movie premiere and became stable and one of the top grossers in our time. She owns her own chocolate factory-laboratory “Esmeralda.”


Born: 3 March 1972

Age Now 52

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Born: 3 March 1982

Age Now 42

Jessica Biel - (Movie Actress)

Born: 3 March 1958

Age Now 66

Miranda Richardson - (TV-Actress)

Born: 3 March 1945

Age Now 79

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Born: 3 March 1974

Age Now 50

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