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This guy made it all! From decapitation, to beheading, to torture, tortured to death, to untimely death. He was considered to be most gallant for being the most killed person in his movies.  Born as Shaun Mark Bean on April 17th 1959 from Yorkshire, England.  He studied at  Rotherham College of Arts and Technology and coming back and forth at Rotherham College. He later on joined RADA and decided to pursue his career in acting. He was married at least 4 times and had 3 children. He made his career by dying so great and many creative ways. He was paid to die in the acclaimed film of his.

He gained limelight in the 1984 but made his notable in 1986 film “Caravaggio.” He played the role painter that was trapped in unusual love triangle for a lover for woman and man at the same time. His death was unknown and untimely that he was just slashed in his neck by a knife. He also made iconic death in the movie “The Field” in 1990. He made Agent 006 in the movie “Goldeneye.” This is one of his iconic death as he fall from the bridge of a radar dish and then engulfed by falling steel lavished by fire. He also played with Harrison Ford “Get-off my plane!” This may perhaps one of his su >> Read More... in the “Patriot Games.” He received multiple gun wounds from Ford in their final bout. He played the role of a vengeful villain the leader of Irish terrorists.

He completed his collection of “Best Die Performance” in the movie “Don’t Say A Word.” He was buried alive in this movie for being a professional thief. He made a painful death when he denied to give up his belief in his religion, while trying to find the necromancer. In the movie 2010 “Black Death”, his arms and feet were tied between 2 horses and galloped in opposite direction. He was again killed in the movie “Equilibrium” in 2002. Alongside Christian Bale, they played the roles of police officers, but in the end, he was executed by his  partner point-blank shot in his head took his life. He was decapitated in the “Game of Throne” and his most iconic death, he sustaine multiple arrow wounds before falling trying to save the hobbits in the movie “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.” He made complete blood bath in the movies for his deaths. He was also Odysseus in the high-profile film “ Troy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ” and Ian Howe in the movie “National Treasure.” He also appeared as Zeus in the movie “Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief.” He made also in the cast for the movie “Death Race 2”, the 2012 continuation of “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, played the role Frank in “Wicked Blood”, as Stinger Apini in the movie “ Jupiter Ascending Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Channing Tatum Born in a small town called Cullman in Alabama, Ch >> Read More... , “Any Day” as Vian, As Army General in “ Pixels Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, as Macbeth in “Enemy of Man” and played Mitch Henderson in “ The Martian Click to look into! >> Read More... .” His 2016 movie will give him another chance to prove his charms as Severus in the movie “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.”


Born: 4 March 1954

Age Now 70

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