10 Best Movie Inventions English Article

10. The DeLorean

First Appeared in the Movie: - Back to the Future                        Year of release: - 1985

What is it? DeLorean is a car made by Doctor Emmett "Doc" Brown to travel through time. The car can be used to travel forward or backwards in time. It travels through time when it hits a speed of eighty-eight miles per hour.

9. The Translation Collar

First Appeared in the Movie: - UP                                           Year of release: - 2009

What is it? It is a collar used in the movie which when tied around an animal, translates the thoughts of the animal into speech so that the owner can understand what it is trying to say. This collar also makes the animal more intelligent.

8. The Electromagnetic Shrink Ray

First Appeared in the Movie: - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids             Year of release: - 1989

What is it? The Electromagnetic shrink ray is a device that can shrink anyone or anything down to size of a bite. In the movie Wayne Szalinski, the inventor of the machine accidently shrinks the neighbour kids.

7. Neuralyzer

First Appeared in the Movie: - Men in Black                                   Year of release: - 1997

What is it? Neuralyzer is a device used by the “Men in Black” to erase the memory of people after they find out about MIB or encounter aliens.

6. The Teleporter

First Appeared in the Movie: - Star Trek: The Movie Year of release: - 1979

What is it? Teleporter is a device that teleports anything or anyone to a decided location in the blink of an eye.

5. Light Cycles

First Appeared in the Movie: - Tron: Legacy                                   Year of release: - 2010

What is it? Light Cycles are like motor-cycles but much better looking. They are used mostly during duels.

4. Atom

First Appeared in the Movie: - Real Steel Year of release: - 2011

What is it? Atom is a sentient-fighting robot built by Charlie in the movie. Atom is a learning robot who can also fight.

3. Batmobile

First Appeared in the Movie: - Batman                                            Year of release:- 1989

What is it? Batmobile is a vehicle driven by Batman. It is a high-tech machine with bullet proof exterior and also has missile launchers and guns attached to it. In the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight” a bike called Batpod comes out of the Batmobile when the Batmobile is damaged or cannot be used.

2. Light Sabre

First Appeared in the Movie: - Star Wars: A New Hope Year of release: - 1977

What is it? Lightsabres are lightweight and portable swords that activate with a pressing of a switch. They are also used in all other Star Wars movies. Light Sabre vaporises anything or anyone it comes into contact with.

1. Hover Board

First Appeared in the Movie: - Back to the Future 2              Year of release: - 1989

What is it? Hover Boards are flying skateboards used in the movie Back to the Future. Owning a Hover Board is every person’s dream. Scientists are trying new techniques to make a Hover Board. There are few prototypes but they are nowhere near to the one that is used in the film.