Our Favourite Superheroes  English Article

They are heroic, brave, kind and powerful and possess super-powers. Some of them fly, others run faster than light. They have Porsche cars and are very famous among their people. Here’s a list of our favorite superheroes from all around the world:-
1. 'Batman'
Batman first appeared in the American comic books which are a DC Comics publication. He is also called the Dark Knight and is the coolest superhero. He does not have supernatural powers but has the best gadgets. He can fly and drives a very sexy car, Batmobile. His amazing detective skills and scientific knowledge makes him different from other clichéd superheroes. He wears a dark suit and has bat-like ears. His bat-emblem is quite stylish and attractive. Batman is also the hottest superhero even in his real-life identity. He is contacted using a special Bat signal. He has a group of allies referred to as the Bat Family. 
2. 'Superman'
The last survivor from the planet of Krypton, Superman grew up as a child named Clark Kent. He realiszed his superpowers early in his life and on growing up put them into the best use. He is an iconic superhero with superpowers and can fly. His strength is beyond measurement, and he can fly. He can overpower and fight anything except the green kryptonite which makes him weak. The first superhero ever, Superman cannot be compared to anyone. He is our “Man of Steel”. He is generous, caring and smart. His love for life and humanity makes him an idol for others.
3. 'Spiderman'  
As famous as Superman and Batman, Spider-man is unique in the sense that he got his superpowers by accidently being bitten by a radioactive spider. He is a Marvel character. In real life, Spiderman is a regular boy named Peter Parker, who is more or less a loner. On realizing his superpowers, he stitches his own costume. His superpower is the ability to eject spider-webs which are sturdy enough to hold his weight. Spidey has had many love affairs. However, Gwen Stacy, daughter of a detective from NYC Police Department was the only serious relationship he had before marrying his best friend, Mary Jane Watson.
Inspired from by a mythological character of the same name, Thor is a hammer yielding superhero. His hammer is enchanted and gives him the power to fly and change the weather according to his needs. He can bring lightning, thunder, burly winds and can destroy his enemies. His hammer even has a special name, Mjolnir. His other superhuman abilities include his strength, power, and amazing fighting skills He has a tender and loving heart and can travel through time.
5. Captain America
Captain America is the humblest and most lovable superhero. He has a heart of gold which means no harm to anyone, ever. He has no superhuman powers as such, but through a treatment of rays and serum, his strength, reflexes, resistance to injury, speed, etc. are increased by many folds. Captain America has a typical shield that he uses. He wears a bulletproof armour beneath his uniform. He is a true patriot and would die for his country and his people. He is a symbol of love, humanity, and generosity. 
6. 'Flash'
Flash has been breaking the laws of Physics for a long time now. He is faster than the speed of light and has super-fast reflexes which make it impossible for the opponent even to touch him. He is well-built and smart and on top of it, he is FUNNY. What more can we ask of a superhero?
7. 'Hulk'
“The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.”
One of the founding members of the superhero club, The Avengers Click to look into! >> Read More... The Avengers , he is a large green humongous superhero who turns bigger and stronger as stress increases. He is an introvert and is socially withdrawn. He has a dissociative personality disorder, i.e., he does not remember his alter-ego (real life character), Bruce Barner when he transforms into Hulk. He is very very strong and is resistant to injury to a great extent. His durability also increases with his anger. He can breathe underwater and has amazing regenerative abilities.
8. Wonder-woman
Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman Click to look into! >> Read More... Wonder Woman , is the founder member of Justice League Click to look into! >> Read More... Justice League . She is believed to be sculpted from clay and was gifted superhero powers by the Greek Gods. She is a strong woman who does not believe in quitting. She is a trained and highly skilled fighter. She is also smart and strategic in her approach. Besides her great powers, she is absolutely beautiful and classy. She is a true role model for all girls out there.
9. 'Wolverine'
Member of the X-Men, Wolverine is also known as Logan and is a loved character. He has sharp animal-like senses. His most branded quality is his accelerated healing process, commonly termed as the healing factor. However, he does suffer pains from his injury even after healing. This mutant superhero fears water. His retractable claws are a very significant part of his character. He has fine agility and reflexes and amazing athletic skills. 
A former super-villain, this anti-heroic personality is mentally unstable. He is the funniest fictional character ever created. He has super-healing powers and strength. He is always brimming with positivity and hope and has a heart-melting smile. A very unlike-superhero type personality, Deadpool has to be on our list for his simply adorable but hilarious behavior. He is more or less invincible. He also speaks many languages and is trained in many martial arts forms. A very simplistic yet unique superhero, Deadpool is one of a kind.
11. Green Arrow
This member of the Justice League looks as if he’s come straight out of Assassin’s Creed. In real life, he is an entrepreneur, Oliver Queen, who plays in billions. As the name suggests, Green Arrow is an archer who shoots his arrow only to wound his enemies. He rarely kills. He is not as strong as other superheroes but is still a favorite.
12. Catwoman
Catwoman is the sexiest villain we’ve ever seen. Commonly associated with Batman, she is his most stable romance (and ours too!). She is seen carrying a whip which adds to her charm somehow. She has a great advantage due to her feminism and attractiveness. If Batman can slip, any man could. 
13. 'Goku'
More renowned with the younger generation, Goku is a Super-Saiyan and a very strong superhero. He has spiky black hair and is energetic and cheerful. He loves to eat. He is very competitive and cares about his family and friends. He can be manipulative but in a positive way. He is always ready for competition and challenges. He is the most powerful Saiyan of his time. His kind-heartedness and innocence are worth appreciating.
14. 'Daredevil'
Did you know Daredevil couldn’t see? Yes, it’s true. He lost his vision due to some radioactive substance. However, he has radar sense and thus has heightened sense abilities than normal humans. He is often called the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. His stronger senses sometimes become his drawback and weakness. He is sensitive to loud sounds and strong smells. His chief weapon is his baton that he made on his own.  
In the long list of superheroes, how can we forget our own desi Shaktiman. He is blessed with yogic shakti and can separate his body into the five elements of life- earth, water, wind, fire, and sky. He has God-like powers which he uses to save the Earth. He believes in truthfulness and honesty and is a role model to kids.
P.S. - Do you guys remember his kickass entry? 
16. 'Robin'
He may be a sidekick to the best superhero, but he surely deserves a place on the list. Robin is super-cool and probably the best sidekick ever. He has superb acrobatic and detective skills. Just like Batman, he too uses cool gadgets to fight and save the world. Besides the amazing things he does, he also has one of the best superhero costumes. Robin is actually under-rated. He is overshadowed by Mr. Batman.
17. Hal Jordan
Better known as the Green Lantern Click to look into! >> Read More... Green Lantern , Hal Jordan is another fictional superhero that has always caught our attention. All his powers reside in his ring. He is the most powerful being in the DC Universe. He is seen defeating Superman with just one punch. All he needs is his super-active and smart imagination to save the world. He has an extraordinary will-power and deserves a spot in the top 20.
Hercules is super-strong but a little dumb. His physical strength is praiseworthy, but mental abilities become a downfall. However, he makes it up by being a good and noble man. He does well to and for others. He has unbelievable stamina and endurance. He is a trained hero and is seen to have an enhanced speed. He is a typical superhero and also one of the oldest and holds a special place in our hearts.
19. 'Beast'
Founding member of X-Men, Beast is a mutant superhero with oversized body parts, extraordinary intelligence and surprising agility and endurance. He is blue and furry and can look scary, but he has a witty sense of humour which is impressive. 
Member of the team Avengers, Iron Man is an admired superhero. He has a powered armour which gives him his superhuman powers including strength, durability, and ability to fly. He fires rays from his palms. That is his typical superpower. Like all Avengers team-members, Iron Man too has a high intellect. He is a student of Captain America.