Christopher Robert Evans (Chris Evans) is a prominent Hollywood actor known for superhero movie characters. Having made his debut trough TV screen (2000) in glamour world, the actor got his first offer in movies in 2001 and slowly grabbed the science fiction movies that established him in the forefront.

Later, he tried his hands even at directing movies and carved a niche for him in the film career. Born on June 13, 1981, the actor after his long stay in Boston migrated to New York after completion of his high school for the love of his acting. Later, he took up some internship program in summer acting and started giving audition for roles. As luck had smiled, he got his first break in TV series ‘Opposite Sex’. The actor quickly then got a chance to play a comic character in ‘Another Teen Movie’ (2001) which noticed that the actor had enough talent and this led to the curiosity among his fans. Chris Evans then took a sudden disappearance from acting and again made a comeback with a heist movie 'The Perfect Score' which was very successful. The actor did not get typecast and then followed with a kidnapping movie ‘Cellular’ in which he was cast opposite Kim Basinger.

In the year 2005, the most successful movie ' Fantastic Four' (a superhero movie) released and subsequently he even appeared in the sequel, ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’, which was released in 2007. The actor even won the best superhero award for the “Fantastic Four’ (2007 sequel). In the year 2012, the actor appeared again as a superhero in ' The Avengers' and subsequently bagged another role in the sequel released in 2015 named 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. In the year 2015, he was seen in a romantic comedy film 'Playing it Cool' opposite Michelle Monaghan, which was panned by critics. Currently, his movie ‘Captain America: Civil War’ has been released in 3D and IMAX 3D. His personal life has been linked to many actresses. He had dated actress Jessica Biel and later he even became closer to Scarlett Johansson, Currently, he announced his engagement with actress Elizabeth Olsen.

Wesley Snipes English Actor

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Trent Snipes is a movie actor, Martial Artist, and a Film Producer. He is best known for his part, Blade in the series of the same name. He has the 5th black belt in Shotokan Karate and 2nd dan black belt in Hapkido. Early life Wesley Snipes's hometown is in Orlando, Florida. He spent his childhood in Net York with his parents. He did his schooling from Fiorello H. LaGuardia high school of music and art performing. Although, he migrated back to Florida before his graduation. Snipes completed his graduation from Jones High School in Orlando. He returned to New York and got a degree from the State University of New York. He has also secured a degree from Southwest College in Los Angeles, California. Personal life Wesley Snipes is an ardent martial art follower, and he has been training himself since the age of twelve. He is thorough with various forms of Martial Arts, and he has also received black belts in various degrees. Snipes married two times. His first wife, April Snipes was with him for five years. They also have a son together. In 2003, Snipes married Nakyung Park with whom he has four children. He was originally a Christian but converted himself to Islam later. Though, Snipes left practicing Islam. He once said in an interview, " Islam made me more conscious of what African people have accomplished, of my self-worth, and gave me some self-dignity." During the tragedy of the collapse of World Trade Center, Snipes apartment got collapsed. Fortunately, he was not present there at that moment. Career Wesley, at the age of twenty-three, was spotted by an agent amidst performing in competition. He debuted with the film Goldie Hawn in the year 1986. In the same year, he did a television show Miami Voice. He played the role of a drug dealer in the same. The next year, that is, 1987, Snipes appeared in the music video, Bad as Michael Jackson's nemesis. He gave some blockbusters like Major League, Mo' Better Blues, Jungle Fever, amongst others. Snipes has also tried his skills in Comedy genre like White Men Can't Jump and To Wong Foo. In the year 1998, he performed in the most commercially successful movie, Blade. It broke all records in Box Office. He is extremely passionate and active about his work and profession, and he devotes his time to working. Along with his film career, he spread his knowledge and talent of Martial arts by opening a security firm along with his brother called Amen-Ra, which is also the name of his production house. With the help of this company, they used to provide bodyguards to celebrities and VIPs. Awards In his long career, Wesley Snipes has been rewarded for all the great work that he has done in the industry. He has been nominated for a variety of awards like the award for the best fight, the award for the best villain, award for best supporting actor, etc. While, he has won several awards for different categories like Award for the best actor, Best Actor in Television Movie, Best Actor in a motion picture, etc.


Dan Yeager

Dan Yeager is a renowned director and an actor and he is currently holding a film production company too. In addition, the actor has written the screenplay for short films, horror movies, and even a lethal horror movie. But the actor is well known for the iconic role of ‘Leatherface’, which he played in 2013-released movie 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'. It may be noted that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a series which first released in 1974 and then subsequent sequels were made. Actor Dan Yeager met John Luessenhop, director of this movie ('Texas Chainsaw 3D') at a Christmas party of producer Carl Mazzocone.They discussed the role and Dan became a bit reluctant to act in the movie. But Carl was convinced as he had seen Dan Yeager performing on stage as Ebert. This convinced Dan and even the director and thus he landed up in bagging the magnificent role. Dan Yeager has stated that he was very much inspired by the actor Gunnar Hansen, who had performed for the first time in the movie series that released in 1975. Dan understood the role of the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' by studying Gunnar’s character. In addition, he took up to gymnastics and increased his weight from 260lbs to 275lbs. The actor had even stated that he understood the character well right from the beginning. Dan Yeager was a stage artist and this helped him a lot in a portrayal of the character. The actor was born on 1 January 1965 and he grew up in Ohio and he stayed there for 15 long years, the family shifted to Las Vegas and there he joined theatre. Slowly, he came in acquaintance with some renowned name in the film industry and became a screenplay writer and an actor.

Dan Yeager English Actor