Dan Yeager is a renowned director and an actor and he is currently holding a film production company too. In addition, the actor has written the screenplay for short films, horror movies, and even a lethal horror movie. But the actor is well known for the iconic role of ‘Leatherface’, which he played in 2013-released movie ' Texas Chainsaw 3D Click to look into! >> Read More... Texas Chainsaw 3D '. It may be noted that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a series which first released in 1974 and then subsequent sequels were made. Actor Dan Yeager met John Luessenhop John Luessenhop was born in Virginia. He is a film >> Read More... John Luessenhop , director of this movie ('Texas Chainsaw 3D') at a Christmas party of producer Carl Mazzocone.They discussed the role and Dan became a bit reluctant to act in the movie. But Carl was convinced as he had seen Dan Yeager performing on stage as Ebert. This convinced Dan and even the director and thus he landed up in bagging the magnificent role.

Dan Yeager has stated that he was very much inspired by the actor Gunnar Hansen, who had performed for the first time in the movie series that released in 1975. Dan understood the role of the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' by studying Gunnar’s character. In addition, he took up to gymnastics and increased his weight from 260lbs to 275lbs.

The actor had even stated that he understood the character well right from the beginning. Dan Yeager was a stage artist and this helped him a lot in a portrayal of the character. The actor was born on 1 January 1965 and he grew up in Ohio and he stayed there for 15 long years, the family shifted to Las Vegas Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Las Vegas and there he joined theatre. Slowly, he came in acquaintance with some renowned name in the film industry and became a screenplay writer and an actor.