Birthday: 23-06-1960
Age: 59
Star sign: Cancer

Judah Katz tried his luck in Canadian cinema. Born in Montreal, Quebec, he has been associated with Toronto and Montreal for over 3 decades. He had shown his presence in both TV series and movies. He was awarded the ACTRA Best New Actor Award in Canada Television. Judah got to know the nuances of acting at Vanier College. 

Emile Czaja English Actor

Emile Czaja

Emile Czaja(pronounced shya), also known by his wrestling name King Kong was a professional wrestler and actor who worked mostly in Australia and India.He was born in Hungary and started his training for wrestling at an early age of 18 years.He was the favorite wrestler for the people of Far East from 1937 till he died in 1970.In his professional career of wrestling, he accounted many rivalries with the best wrestlers of the era like Dara Singh, Aslam Pahalwan, Hamida Pahalwan and many more. Czaja was given the name “King Kong” after essaying the role of King Kong in an Indian movie in the 1950s.The name Emile Czaja became popular for the first time in 1937, when Czaja came to Bombay, India where many wrestlers from the western countries had gathered to wrestle against Indian wrestlers.Here he got a chance to wrestle against Hamida Pahalwan, in which he lost eventually but this fight gained him extensive popularity in the world of wrestling. He started his movie career with the Tamil film, Ponni in 1953.He played the role of King Kong, the Hungarian wrestling champion.The movie gained wide popularity because of a wrestling sequence between King Kong and Dara Singh which is still a legendary scene for people who followed wrestling in those days.After this he worked in various other movies like “Faulad”, in 1963, where he played the role of a slave master,”Hercules”, in 1964 where he starred alongside Dara Singh,”Tarzan and King Kong”, in 1965 where he fights against Tarzan, played by Randhawa(brother of Dara Singh), “Sangram”, in 1965 where he worked alongside Dara Singh, Randhawa and Aruna Irani. The last movie he worked in was, “Mujrim Kaun?”, which was released in 1968, under the direction of K.K. Reddy. Czaja faced an untimely demise at the age of 60.He died in a car crash in Singapore in 1970 when he was headed for a wrestling match.


Chris Diamantopoulos

Chris Diamontopoulus (Christopher Diamontopoulus) was born on 9th May, 1975 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a comedian and actor. His childhood was spent dividing time between living in Greece and Canada. His family practiced Greek traditions, and with close connect to the Greek culture, he speaks Greek as his first language and attends to the Greek Orthodox Church.In 2005, he married Becky Newton, who is, known for her character in the television series “Ugly Betty.” They have two children together, a boy, born in 2010, and a girl, born in 2014. It is as if he were, meant to be on the screen and in the industry, as he started doing television commercials as early as at 9 years old. Over the years he grew as fond of staying in front of the camera, and by the time he turned 18 years old he had left his home to be a part of a US television series. Sooner than later he paved his way to Broadway. He was the leading part in “The Full Monty” as Ethan Girard. This play required him to perform a scene with absolutely no clothes. He then played the role of Marius in “Les Misérables.” Post Broadway, in the year 2002, he worked in the, television series “Law and Order.” In 2003, he was a part of the “Third Watch.” The next year he appeared in quite a few television series, which included, “Frasier,” “Nip/Tuck,” Charmed,” and “American Dreams.” The following year he appeared as Robin Williams in “Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork & Mindy.” He made appearances in major television series in 2006, “The Sopranos,” and “Boston Legal.” He then, a year later landed a recurring role in the “State of Mind.” He even featured in a video game as a voice actor, “300: March to Glory” in the same year. In the year 2008, he was a part of the television series “The Started Wife,” for which he starred in 6 episodes. In 2010, he worked in the series “24” as Rob Weiss, for 12 episodes. He appeared as Colin in the movie “Dr. Cabbie.” He bagged the voice part for “American Dad!” and continued it till 2016. He has worked with NBC studios, on “Up All Night,” and “The Office.” He also voices Mickey Mouse in the Disney TV Series. He expressed his excitement about voicing Mickey Mouse an interview.

Chris Diamantopoulos English Actor