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Fantastic Four Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

20th Century Fox has brought life to yet another superhero team Fantastic Four through this thrill filled movie. The trailer depicts the storyline in a very cohesive manner. Child prodigy Reed Richards along with his friend Ben keeps on experimenting to discover new devices. Along with some other young prodigies, he is considered to be of greatest minds. In their space expedition, due to an accident, all 4 of them demonstrate strange super-human capabilities like elasticity, invisibility, heat generation, super strength.

They all want everything to restore to normalcy but have no hope for that to happen. The Fantastic Four unite to defeat Victor Doom, who has become stronger and able than any of them and is a threat to mankind. The special effects in the trailer demonstrate the outer space and the spaceships in a practical manner. The trailer also exhibits the superheroes in a very splendid style. The superhero movie is based on Marvel comics. The movie Centre itself upon the brilliant story of Reed Richards.

Young genius boy Reed desires to create a teleportation machine. He struggles hard for it and with his ideas, he successfully makes the device. He demonstrates it at a science fair, but it fails to work. People avoid him. A visiting scientist Franklin Storm recognizes his capabilities and gives him a scholarship to visit New York and work on his inter dimensional transportation device. At New York, Reed is accompanied by Franklin’s daughter Sue and son Johnny to help him. He is also joined by Franklin’s old student Victor. They finish the device. Reed, his friend Ben, Sue, Johnny and Victor travel through the device and come in contact with strange circumstances.

They lose Victor in that place. On their return, they exhibit weird physical abilities and they learn to embrace those. Victor emerges as a powerful villain. The Fantastic Four unitedly defeat him. The music given by Maltro Beltrami and Philip Grass take the excitement to another level while watching the trailer. Despite being a film based on popular superheroes, the film got negative reviews.