Georgann and Thomas Henry gave birth to Billy Crudup on 8th of July 1968 in Manhasset, New York. They also have two other sons, Tommy and Brooks. Crudup spent most of his raising period in Texas and Florida. He went to St. Thomas High school in the year 1986 located in Florida. He admits that he was a clown to his entire class and used to try and act funny for his friends and family. Billy was a part of the Boys Scout at the time when he was in Texas. He took an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication from University of North Carolina. It was while his graduation that he confessed his new found love for acting. He went on to study further in Tisch School of Arts, New York University where he took a degree of Masters in Fine arts and joined a theater group named The Lab! Here.

He did his debut in Broadway with Arcadia which was much appreciated and received awards like Outstanding Newcomer Award and Theater Award. Crudup is extremely fond of playing Golf. 

He dated Mary Louise Parker in 1996. They have a son named William Atticus Parker who was born on the 7th of January 2004. When Parker was seven months pregnant with William, Crudup and Parker broke up in 2003. Billy then dated Claire Danes for four years before they broke up. He is among the Actors Centre’s Board of Directors in New York.

Billy makes huge money by ‘voice-acting’. He made appearances in movies like Mission Impossible III, Sleeper (1996) etc and has won 5 awards which includes Tony Award, Western Heritage Award, OFCS Award, NBR Award and Paris Film Festival. He has also received a nomination in the Tony Award for The Elephant Man which is a Broadway production and another nomination for The Pillowman.
Billy Connolly English Actor

Billy Connolly

Born in Anderston, Glasgow, on 24th of November 1942, Billy Connolly also famously known as The Big Yin is among the 100 greatest comedians. He is Scottish by nationality. His family includes his mother Mary, father William and an elder sister. When he was 4 years old, his mother fled with a guy as she herself was in her teenage and abandoned her two children and husband. He was under the care of two of his aunts while his father was fighting a war. The aunts however, weren’t good with him. He was constantly told by the aunts that he is stupid and this left a lasting impact on him. He still recalls those times and it gives him a shudder. The school he took his education from wasn’t a very friendly one either. It was St. Peter’s School, and then his education came to an end with St. Gerard School. His religious views are that he is an atheist and doesn’t trust any organization that brainwashes people’s mind. He is extremely averted to the Catholic Church. This is because the church norms didn’t permit his father to file a divorce against his wife even after she had abandoned him for another guy. This led to a heavy built-up frustration within his father which was vented out by abusing Billy sexually from the time when he was 10 till he was 15 years old. When Billy was 12 he made a decision that he would become a comedian. He started developing a profound interest in music when he was 14. Billy graduated from school with a degree of engineering of his own and another one which belonged to someone else and he had it with him by mistake. He worked as a delivery boy for a bookshop and also for a Bakery to earn a living. Connolly had to go through a surgery when he was diagnosed with an early staged prostate cancer and was also treated in October 2014 for Parkinson’s disease. He was married first to Iris Pressagh and had two daughters with him. When they got divorced Billy got their custody and then married on December 2nd, 1989 to Pamela Stephenson. They have 3 daughters to themselves. He started a group in 1965 known as the Humblebums and also wrote plays like Red Runner (1979) and appeared in movies like Garfield: The Tale of Two Kitties (2006), Brave (2012) etc.


Bob Balaban

Bob Balaban is a renowned and experienced Jewish American Actor, Author, Producer, and Director. Bob is ‘All in one’, you know why? Because he was or still he is able to do and fit in every role, whether role of soft-spoken personality, balding men or middle-aged teenager. Bob was born on 16 August, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. His Father, Eleanor Balaban was the owner of many movie theaters. His uncle found the Balaban and Katz theater circus in Chicago and owned television stations and cable television later. H&E, which was a Balaban corporation in Chicago founded by his uncles. This was the reason bob was involved in show business one way or another. His wife is a writer Lynn Grossman and both are blessed with two daughters named Hazel and Mariah. Bob started his education at Colgate University and then he shifted to New York University later for further education. He started acting in junior year as a LINUX in off-Broadway production of ‘You Are A Good Man, Charlie Brown’ and in senior year played a role in Feature film ‘Catch 22’ directed by Mike Nichols. He made an appearance and performed in ‘Midnight Cowboy’ (1969) and ‘CATCH 22’ (1970’s). Bob performed marvelously in many films such as ‘Hank’ (1965), ‘Midnight Cowboy’ (1969) as a young student, ‘GIRLFRIENDS’ (1978) as a Martin, ‘The late Shift’ (1996), ‘The Grand Budapest hotel’ (2014). He grabbed the attention of viewers in television series like ‘Show me a hero’, ‘Girls’, ‘Hank’. He acted in supporting role in films such as ‘Lady in the water’, ‘A Mighty wind’, ‘The Tonight Show’. Bob was well known for NBD’s ‘The Tonight Show’. He directed popular pictures which influenced people to watch more and more pictures directed by Bob like ‘The Last Goodtime’, ‘Bernard and Dorie’, ‘Show Time Nurse Series’. He forced people to laugh with his performance in comedy shows such as ‘best in show (2000), ‘A Mighty wind’ (2003) and as a Phoebe’s father in all favorites ‘Friends’ and Hannah’s shrink in ‘Girls’. BOB was also an author who has written ‘Six Children’s Novels’ series based on Bionic dog named McGrowl. He made a guest appearance in the movie HOWL. He featured with Morgan Freeman and John Lithgow in debut whose prop was that 8 ban, which is imposed on same sex marriage to raise money for American foundation for equal rights. Bob won Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by the cast of a theatrical picture for Grossford Park and BAFTA Award for Best British film. He was nominated for the Grossford Park as a Best picture directed along with Robert Altman in 2001 in ACADEMY awards and also in TONY awards for his role in ‘THE INSPECTOR GENERAL’ (1979). Bob Balaban is a guy with glasses and with killer smile plays neat, petite and sports a moustache always quoted to his fellow actors that ‘NEVER BE HOT, ALWAYS BE WARM’.

Bob Balaban English Actor