Plot Thousands of years ago on earth Steppenwolf and his army had attempted to take over the earth with the energies of three mother boxes They were stopped

Justice League Movie Review

Justice League Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Justice League"
Runtime: 2 Hours 00 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 17-11-2017
3 / 5.0




Thousands of years ago on earth, Steppenwolf and his army had attempted to take over the earth with the energies of three mother boxes. They were stopped by the Olympian god's, amazons, Atlanteans and green lantern corps. After stopping the Steppenwolf and his army, the mother boxes got separated and are hidden. On earth at the present time, the whole world is mourning over Superman's death which triggers the mother boxes and Steppenwolf return so that he too can join with his master Darkseid. Bruce restored his faith in humanity and got inspired by Superman's sacrifice. Bruce Wayne with the help of his ally Diana Prince, faced an enemy greater than the previous one. Both team up to recruit metahumans to fight against the new threat. They face off against Steppenwolf who is the second in command to alien Darkseid, who has come to hunt the three artifacts. Despite the heroes, Batman, wonder woman, Aquaman, cyborg and flash it might be too late. Will they be able to save the earth in the absence of Superman?


For a film about a group of heroes trying to stop a demon-beasts from wiping out humanity on earth, " Justice League" is light on its feet, running through a super created group origin story in mere within two hours, giving its group lots to do, and avoiding the self-importance of a character that damaged previous entries in this movie.

Star Performances:

Jason Momoa portrayed his character well with the tattoos and the body. His action was pure real and amazing. Gal Gadot, as usual, won the audience heart with her beautiful smile and her amazing acting.

What’s there?

1. Amazing effects.

2. Great acting

3. The actions are good and the villain meets up to expectations.

What’s not there? :

1. Superman’s Resurrection Makes No Sense

2. The confusion of who was supposed to protect the Mother Boxes.

3. The story races very fast

4. Too many plot holes


If you are an action and adventure fan then you must watch this movie.