Jang Dong-gun was born in Seoul, South Korea on 7th March 1972. He had his schooling in Seoul and for higher education he visited Korea National University of Arts, but he left the college without completing his graduation. Jang became an actor and debuted in the industry in 1992 when he began acting for a TV series, The Last Match and made his debut to the big screen in 1997 release Repechage. He has not only been popular in Korea, but he became popular in the Asian countries when the TV series he acted were presented in the late 1990s.

Jang featured in the 1999 movie, Nowhere to Hiding, which was highly appreciated by the critics and helped Jang to expand his popularity; the critics applauded his acting skills, and the audience loved Jang’s performance. The story was about finding the guilty who is supposed to have committed a murder; the movie used various techniques including slow-motion, etc. Jang played the role of Detective Kim, and this helped Jang to gain immense popularity. In 2001, Jang was again seen in the movie Friend, a story about four friends who face the problems of life and find independent ways to encounter them. The story was about the director’s experience and was a kind of small autobiography. The movie changed the image of Jang for the audience; earlier Jang played a romantic and comic role.

Now, the audience knew Jang’s versatility. Jang has been a part of various movies since his debut which includes The Coastguard, 2009 Lost Memories, Typhoon, The Promise, etc. Jang was a part of My Way, a movie filmed during WWII, which is inspired by a true story. The plot follows the abduction of a Korean soldier who is taken away by the Japanese; the film was a high-budget venture but failed to do any magic at the theaters and was a flop. Jang last project was the 2015 release, Fighters 7. Jang follows Buddhism and is a huge fan of baseball; he plays it along with his co-actors.

Jang married his co-actress in Love Wind Love Song, Ko So-young on 2nd May 2010 while KO was five months pregnant. He has two children, a son Jang Min-Joon and a daughter. Jang wedding ceremony took place in Shila Hotel in Seoul; famous actor and actress of the industry attended the wedding.

Danny Huston English Actor

Danny Huston

Danny Huston was born in Rome, Italy on 14th May 1962. His mother is an actress, and his father is John Huston. Danny’s entire family is working in Hollywood, his uncle is a screenwriter, his sister is an actress, and his great grandfather was an Academic Award winner. Danny has been in the industry since 1984, but he rose to limelight when he presented a breakthrough performance in the 2000 release Ivans XTC, where he played the role of Ivan Beckman and delivered a superb performance which nominated him for the Best Male Performance category. In 2004, Danny worked with Leonardo Di Caprio and Alec Baldwin under Martin Scorsese’s direction, The Aviator where he portrayed the role of Jack Frye and once again delivered a top-notch performance. Danny was a part of the movie, “The Proposition”, and was highly acclaimed by the critics and the audience appreciated his performance. The story of the film followed the rape and murder events in the late 1800s in Australia; the Hopkins family tragedy was well portrayed and believed that Burns Brothers committed the execution. Danny has not only been a part of various movies but has also been a lot of TV series which includes his roles in Masters of Sex, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, American Horror Story, etc. Danny played the role of Colonel William Stryker in the X-Men Series; X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was also in its trilogy series. In 2009-10, Danny also played a role in the edge of the seat thriller movie, “Edge of Darkness”, which is the story of the murder of an activist’s daughter and a detective assigned to find the guilty where he comes across many political conspiracies and has to cover them for the people involved. He was also seen in the movie, “Clash of the Titans”. Danny has some upcoming ventures this year; he is all set for the release of All I See you, which is in post-production and is currently shooting for the most awaited DC Comics venture, Wonder-Woman. Danny Huston married Virginia Madsen in 1989, but the marriage couldn’t last long, and they got divorced in 1992. In 2001, he married Katie Evans but got separated soon and later committed suicide. He has a daughter with Katie; her name is Stella.


Tony Cox

Joseph Anthony “Tony” Cox was born in Manhattan, New York, USA on 31st March 1958. His father is Joe Cox, and his mother is Henrietta Cox. Tony had his schooling and spent the early days of childhood in Alabama where he lived with his grandparents. He became an excellent drummer at the age of 10, his mother Henrietta lived with his stepfather in Georgia. Tony married Otelia in 1981. He attended the Alabama University and studied music there. Since his debut in 1980, Tony has been playing a variety of comic characters on screen and has been a part of various projects. In 1976, Tony moved to Los Angeles when his friends and family encouraged him to pursue acting as a career. Tony joined Merrick Studio School of Acting and started to learn drama along with De Tillman and worked in a variety of TV commercials, adds movie and TV series. Billy Barty inspired Tony Cox; he portrayed the role of a dwarf which moved Tony, and he decided to become an actor. In 1981, his debut movie, Nice Dreams was released which was appreciated by the critics and Tony’s performance was loved by the audience. Tony appeared in many movies which include Return of the Jedi, Captain EO, Spaceballs, Bettlejuice, Willow, Spaced Invaders, Blankman, Friday, Back by Midnight, etc. all these films had Tony playing different characters which helped him gain popularity among the audience, and the critics appreciated his acting skills. Tony appeared in the 2003 flick, Bad Santa where he played the leader of a safe breaking team known as Marcus. In the movie he portrays as protagonist’s best friend but ultimately turns out his foe, it is the first time that Tony played a lead role in a movie. Tony has not only been connected with movies but has also been in various TV series. He was the part of Martin first season where he played the character of Bennie, who helps Trey, his friend to attack Tony, the one who stole his ex-girlfriend. Tony has been an inspiring actor for many and has continued entertaining the audience; his recent ventures include the2015 release Oz the Great and the Powerful, White T and Strange Magic. He is present in the cast of Bad Santa 2 which is under the direction. The movie will release this year, as per the news the movie will be awesome and much better than its prequel.

Tony Cox English Actor