Chang Chen is an actor of Taiwanese origin who has featured in Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” and various other Hollywood, Taiwanese, and Chinese films. Chen is named Zhang Zhen in Mandarin and Cheung Chan in Cantonese. Chen was the public face of the clothing brand, “Lacoste,” in the year 2002. He is also the son of the Chinese actor-producer, Kuo-Chu Chang. Chan Chen started his career as a child model, featuring in various commercials and modeling assignments. Chen was also a child actor and was cast in “A Bright Summer Day” by director Wong Kar-woi. The film was the recipient of critical acclamation and had a runtime of four hours. The father-son duo of Chang-Chen played their real life roles in the movie. In the year 1997, Chen featured in another one of Wong Kar-woi’s film, “ Happy Together.” In the millennium year, Chen was cast as “Dark Cloud” in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” directed by Ang Lee.

Chen played the romantic interest of Zhang Ziyi’s character. In 2004, Chen also featured as the “2046,” directed by Wong Kar-woi. 2005 saw Chen in Hou Hsiao-Hsien movie, “Three Times.” The film was the recipient of a Palme d’Or nomination (Highest Prize Awarded) at the Cannes Film Festival and was also presented with the Golden Horse Film Festival Awards (GHFF). Chen pocketed a nomination for the Best Actor at the GHFF. Later on, Cheng was also nominated for his work in the film, “The Go Master.” “Betelnut Beauty,” Silk, Red, Blood Brothers, Red Cliff, Parking, The Grand Master, Three Charmed Lives, Brotherhood of Blades, Helios, and The Assassin, constitute some of Chen’s movies. Chen was also the public face of brands such as Shiatzy Chen and Yamaha Motors. Chen married Ann Zhuang in the year 2013.

Chelcie Ross English Actor

Chelcie Ross

Chelcie Claude Ross is an American actor. He was born on 20th of June in the year 1942. His birthplace was Sacramento, California in the United States. He has been an officer in Vietnam in the US Air Force. He got an MFA from the Dallas Theater Center. Coming to his career, he had done various movies. In 1981, he came up with Skokie. Herbert Wise directed it. It depicts a real life story of NSPA Controversy of Skokie. It released on 17th of November in 1981 at the Israel TV and on 3rd March in 1997 at the German TV. Danny Kaye, Carl Reiner, Ed Flanders, Brian Denney, Eli Wallach, and George Dzundza are the stars. In 1981, he did a comedy, On the Right Track. Gary Coleman also acted in it. Lee Philips directed it. It released in the month of springs in 1981. It did not have the positive responses from the public. Then, in 1981, he did The Children Nobody Wanted.  It was a based on a true story of an advocate named Tom Butterfield. He was the youngest person who became a parent in Missouri. Lee Hutson wrote it. Richard Michaels directed it. Fredric Lehne, Matt Clark, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Noble Willingham are the actors. It released on 5th December in the year 1981. Then, in 1986, he featured in a sports movie titled Hoosiers. David Anspaugh directed it. Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, and Barbara Hershey worked on it. In 1986, he was seen as a character actor in One More Saturday Night. Some other credits were Above the Law in 1988, Major League in 1989, The Package in 1989, Rainbow Drive in 1990, The Last Boy Scout in 1991, and Basic Instinct in 1992. In 1993, he portrayed the role of Dan Devine in Rudy.  Coming up, in 1994, he came in Richie Rich, 1996’s Chain Reaction, 1997’s my Best Friend’s Wedding, 1998’s A Simple Plan, 1998’s Primary Colors, 2000’s The Gift, 2001’s The Majestic, 2001’s Novocaine, and 2002’s Walking Up in Reno. He appeared as the Minister for the marriage of Robert Barone and Amy MacDougall- Barone in 2003. Then he was seen in  2003’s Uncle Nino, 2008’s The Express, 2009’s Mad Men as Conrad Hilton, 2009’s Drag Me to Hell, 2009’s Horsemen, 2011’s The Dilemma, 2012’s At Any Price, 2012’s Trouble with the Curve, and 2012’s Boss. Ross also performed in the episodes of My Name is Earl. His co-stars were Charles S. Dutton.


Chi McBride

Chi McBride or Kenneth McBride is an American actor known for his roles such as Lou Grover in Hawaii Five-O, Emerson Cod in “Pushing Daises,” Steven Harper in “Boston Public,” and Detective Laverne Winston in “Human Target.” McBride has also featured in movies such as The Terminal, Draft Day, “Gone in 60 Seconds,” and “I, Robot.” Born in Chicago, McBride pursued schooling at the Chicago SDA Academy. Although his nickname, “Chi” was derived from the word Chicago, it pronounced as “Shy.” McBride initially wanted to make a career in music, learning various instruments during his high school days. In 1986, McBride relocated to Atlanta to work for the AT&T. McBride’s career in the show business took off with a parody video titled “He’s The Champ,” mocking Mike Tyson’s marriage to actress Robin Givens. Following its success, McBride was offered to be a part of “Covert,” the R&B band, produced by the Esquire Records. Soon, McBride pocketed brief roles in television series such as the MBC-produced “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and the FOX-produced, “In Living Color.” McBride also featured in the 1992 movie “Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation.” In the following years, McBride was cast in The Distinguished Gentleman, What’s Love Got to Do with It, The Frighteners, and Hoodlum. In 1998, McBride co-starred alongside Bruce Willis in “Mercury Rising.” The character of “Donnie Astricky” was played by McBride in the Nicholas Cage starrer “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Narc, Undercover Brother, Cradle 2 the Grave, “The Terminal,” “I, Robot,” Annapolis, Roll Bounce, Let’s Go to Prison, American Son, First Sunday, “Who Do You Love,” are some of McBride’s movies. McBride has also featured in numerous television series and shows such as “The John Larroquette Show,” Boston Public, Boston Legal, The Practice, House, Killer Instinct, Monk, The Nine, Pushing Daisies, Human Target, Golden Boy, Suits, and Hawaii Five-O.

Chi McBride English Actor