Adam Scott is an American podcaster, an actor, a comedian, a screenwriter and a producer. Adam was born on 3 April 1973 in California. He is the son of Douglas Scott and Anne. He has two elder brothers named David and Shannon. Both of them are retired teachers. Adam completed his graduation from Harbor High School in Pasadena, California. Adam used to learn arts in American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Adam is a huge fan of a rock band called as U2. Adam got married to Naomi Scott Naomi Scott is an English singer and actor. She is >> Read More... in 2005. They have two children.

Highlighting on his career, Adam has done many films. In 1996, Adam played the character of Joe in 'Hellraiser: Bloodline'. Other in 1996 was 'The Last Days of Frankie the Fly' and 'Star Trek: First Contact'. He played the role of Race Track Valet and in the latter one he performed as a Defiant Conn Officer. Adam did many short films like Date Squad, Bleach and Something More. In 2002, he acted as Lt. Terrence Embry in 'High Crimes'. Every year Adam came up with new blockbusters that hit the box office. Other hits were 'The Aviator', which was released in 2004, 'Monster-In-Law' in 2005 and much more. In 2008, his two films released titled as ' Step Brothers Click to look into! >> Read More... ' and 'August'. In 2010, he played a character of Jeremy and Novak in ' Leap Year Click to look into! >> Read More... ' and 'Piranha 3-D' respectively. Adam acted in ' Bachelorette Click to look into! >> Read More... ' (2012) and 'Our idiot Brother' (2011). In 2011, he had featured in 'Friends with Kids' in the character of Jason Fryman. In 2009, Adam appeared as Caleb Sinclaire in the movie 'The Viscous Kind'. It was the best one from his previous acts. For this film, Adam got nominated as the best actor at the Independent Spirit Awards. He received two awards at two film festivals. In June 2009, he starred in the film named 'Passenger side'. In 2015, Adam produced a comedy film titled as 'The Overnight'.

Adam appeared on many television shows. Adam cast in the series of 'Boy Meets World' as Griff Hawkins. In 2007, Adam performed in a drama show on HBO called as 'Tell Me You Love me'. Then, Adam came up with a series aired on HBO as 'Eastbound & Down'. The TV lovers liked it. In 2010, Adam acted in a comedy series named as 'Parks and Recreation'.

Adam is famous for his podcasting. Adam is the co-host of an 'Earwolf Podcast' show with Scott Aukerman. Adam has been the guest on many different podcasts.

Don Knotts English Actor

Don Knotts

Don Knotts was born in a poor family in West Virginia, the USA, on 21st July 1924. Born as Jesse Donald Knotts, he was famous for his thin figure and for playing a Deputy in the 1960s famous show The Andy Griffith Show on CBS. He is also famous for his role as Ralph Furley in a sitcom called Three’s Company, which aired in the 70s on ABC. Coming from a poor and also a dysfunctional family, Knott’s father was a paranoid schizophrenic. He needed a way out of that life and hence moved to LA. He was a talented person and he began his career with performing as a ventriloquist. He volunteered to join the army at nineteen and entertained the troops during his journey with them. And he also performed many shows for them called Stars and Grips. Don had that inherited Southern accent in him which made it difficult for him to find a job in the industry. He came to make it big either as a stand-up guy or a ventriloquist, but he was rejected because of his thick accent. That was a lesson for Don, and hence he enrolled himself into college. He took a major in education and was said to take a strong minor in speech. After which he was ready to be back in the showbiz. Don was chosen to play an old character in the radio western called Bobby Benson. He was twenty-five years old apparently when he was reprising the role of Windy Wales. Don met Southern boy Andy Griffith when Don was working in the play No Time for Sergeants. The two’s friendship grew deep, and both were seen on Broadway for about two years. The play No Time for Sergeants was later made a movie which had both Don and Andy reprising their original characters. This marked Don’s first movie in his career. Don was seen in funny and humorous characters on television shows in the 50s like Search for Tomorrow, and Steve Allen Show. On the whole, Don has spent fifty years in this entertainment industry appearing in seven TV series and around twenty-five cinemas. He was also the celebrity who was immensely appreciated for his skills and was given five Emmy Awards for his acting. Don’s friendship with Andy continued and Don wanted to be part of the project The Andy Griffith Show. Don, it seemed had insisted on developing a role for a Deputy for the Sheriff played by Andy. Don’s role as Deputy Fife became popular for his physical comedy and his funny demeanor and ignorance of being a law person. Stealing the thunder from the Sheriff, aka Andy, was heard saying that he wished to be funnier in the show. Don received his Emmy Award for his supporting role as Deputy Fife in 1960s. The show was telecasted from 1960 through 1968, and this one was his most memorable show ever. Don departed Mayberry and had his show on NBC called The Don Knotts Show in 1970. The show also featured skits from Gary Burghoff. He then acted in movies like The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964), The Ghost and Mr. Chicken released in 1966, and science fiction cinema The Reluctant Astronaut in 1967 with Universal Pictures. Don’s role in Limpet movie earned him critical acclaim where he transforms himself into a fish to fight the Nazis. Most of Don’s movies are a mix of animation and live action movies like that of Space Jam. Don plays the Nervous Man in Martin Short’s Steve Allen Show in 1950s. This role brought about Don’s acting skills and Martin considered him as a great influence at that time. After making few family movies, he began gaining a fan base among the children. The specialty of Don’s characters in the movies he acted was that, no matter how many mistakes he made or how much incapability he exhibited, the character would always overcome it by the end of the movie. In 1979, Don appeared in yet another character which made him immortal. He was playing the Landlord along with John Ritter and Susan Summers in Three’s Company. He also made many comedies with Tim Conway: The Prize Fighter, The Apple Dumpling Gang, and Gus. In Hermie and Friends Videos, Don and Conway appeared as worm characters. Don was also seen alongside Griffith in Matlock, where Don played the role of a neighbor. Don worked with a lot of comedians, and the list includes Jonathan Winters and Buster Keeter, with whom he appeared on comedies It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World in 1963. Along with The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, other movies were The Shakiest Gun in the West and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo in 1977. Don was part of a movie project ‘Pleasantville’ where he plays the character of a television repairman. It was a sci-fi movie, and it was released in 1998. Don married thrice, at least as far as it is concerned; he married Kathyrn Metz in 1947 and had two kids with her. After the divorce, he was said to have married Loralee Czuchna and later in 2002; he married Francey Yarborough. On 24th February 2006, Don took his last breath yielding to lung cancer in LA. Most of his characters were funny with rare exceptions, and one such non-comedic show in which Don was cast briefly was a drama named Search For Tomorrow. His last movie was in 2005, where he was part of the Disney film Chicken Little where he gave voice-over to Mayor Turkey Lurkey.


Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a prominent English film actor. He was born on July 13, 1940, in Mirfield, West Riding of Yorkshire in England. He grew up in a poor household and experienced domestic violence from his father, Alfred Stewart, who works in the British Army as a Regimental Sergeant Major. His ideological and political beliefs were affected because of this. He studied at Crowlees Church of England Junior and Infants School. When he was 11 years old, he attended Mirfield Secondary Modern School and studied drama. At 15, he left school and joined the local theater. He had jobs at the Mirfield & District Reporter as a reporter and writer, but later on, his employer required him to choose between his job and acting. Patrick has chosen acting over his current job at that time. Aside from that, he was a trained boxer and at the age of 18, he lost his hair because of Alopecia Areata. This was when he realized that acting is a means to express himself. Patrick and actor Brian Blessed met at the Mytholmroyd drama course and became close friends since their childhood. Later, both have granted the opportunity to attend Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. In the year 1966, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and remained there until the year 1982. He made his television debut in 1967 after his appearance as a fire officer on ITV’s Coronation Street. He made a cameo role in the television documentary series, Civilisation. Patrick was debuted at the Broadway when he performed the character of Snout in Peter Brook’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, before moving to the Royal National Theatre in the early 80’s. Through the years, he was seen in several major TV series but never became a household name. He was seen on BBC’s Fall of Eagles, “I, Claudius,” Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Smiley’s People, and Hamlet. He even played the main lead role in the TV adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s social novel, North, and South, where he was seen with a hairpiece. He also played the role of a psychiatric consultant in the 1981’s TV series, Maybury. He was seen playing minor roles in films like Excalibur, Dune, and Lifeforce. He preferred doing classical theatre and had asked Lalla Ward of Doctor Who why he should be doing sci-fi or work on television. Nevertheless, when Robert H. Justman saw him in UCLA, after he attended a literary reading, Patrick agreed to work in the Hollywood revival of a sci-fi TV show. Patrick doesn’t know about the original Star Trek, and he is also reluctant to sign the 6-year contract. Many believe that the show will not succeed, and he will just go back to his stage career in London. In 1987, he started to appear in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and though he was still skeptical that the show would succeed. Unexpectedly, he earned a lot of money because of the show’s success. He reprised his role as Picard in Star Trek Generations, Star Trek Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis. He was also seen in the pilot episode (entitled Emissary) of the sci-fi TV series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In 1995, he earned a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Make Actor in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. After the success of Star Trek, he was typecast and had difficulties in getting other roles even on stage. Later on, he played an important role as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men film series. His character here was quite similar to his character as Picard; a bald English guy with a deep voice. He also voiced the same character in X-Men video games such as X-Men Legends, X-Men Legends II, and X-Men: Next Dimension. In 2011, he was seen in the documentary feature film, The Captains, together with William Shatner, who also penned and directed the film. Patrick was also seen in Jeffey (1995), The Lion in Winter (2003), A Christmas Carol (1999), and Moby Dick (1998). His performances in these films earned him nominations at the Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Patrick also appeared as a gay socialite in the 11th and final season of the American sitcom, Frasier. He was also seen in the second series of the British TV series, Top Gear. In 2005, Patrick played the role of Professor Ian Hood on ITV’s Eleventh Hour and Captain Nemo on Hallmark Channel’s Mysterious Island. Due to the lengthy filming of his TV shows, it prevented him from acting on stage and missed the opportunities to play notable characters such as Richard III, Hamlet, and Romeo. Patrick then started to write on-man shows and perform in different acting schools including the universities in California. He also donned voice acting jobs and narrated recordings. Patrick’s first wife is Sheila Falconer, whom he divorced after 24-years of marriage. His son, Daniel is a TV actor and appeared with him in Death Train (1993) and The Inner Light episode of Star Trek (1992). He got engaged with Wendy Neuss (Producer) in 1997 and got married in the year 2000. After three years, they also had a divorce. In September 2013, he got married to Sunny Ozell (singer-songwriter).

Patrick Stewart English Actor