English Associate Producer ( 0 - 12 )

Ami Boghani

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Finola Dwyer

Jonathan Sanger

Jeffrey Chernov

David Alan Basche

Roar Uthaug


An Assosiate Producer Looks After The Film Set,Especially The Budget Of It

An assosiate producer looks after the film set,especially the budget of it. They are incharge to see if the money put on the film is being put to the best use. The task of Associate producers is to make calls, run an office, meet people and make sure the film making process is running out smoothly. He also updates the progession of the film to the Producer.

A producer has his or her own money on the film and hires the assistant producer to look after the shoot and how the money is being spent and where its being spent. The job of the associate producer is closely related to the job of an executive producer. The only difference is that an executive producer can also put out his own money on the film, while the prime job of an associate producer is to only look after the budget and not contribute to it.

The associate producer could also give out his own ideas financially as they are well versed in the accounts department. The associate producer ia generally present on the sets to look out if the filmmakers need anything from their producer.