Theatrical training really helps when it comes to green screen performance and stuff like a few Hollywood movies, and actor Rhys Ifans too had entered the commercial mainstream cinema, after having a decade of experience in theatres. He had originated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, England, where he gained the actual professional development in music, drama and technical theatre arts. Any resume of Rhys Ifans will illustrate us with the fact that he is a skilled actor in stage and singer even. He is a lead singer for Welsh group ‘The Peth’. His brother (Llyr Ifans) is also a renowned actor in Hollywood and both of them had acted in a film Twin Town, which was a detective comedy, released in 1997. He is the most versatile actor in Hollywood since 2000, when he acted in all kinds of films be it a period drama, fairy tales, gangsters thriller and even in fantasy novels of Harry Potter. Some of his memorable roles were from films such as Anonymous, Harry Potter, Nanny McPhee, Greenberg etc. He also had loads of live performance on stage too which proves the kind of versatility the actor had in spaces, be it a stage or screen. This actor and musician will be always remembered for his roles as Xenophilius Lovegood in Harry Potter and The Lizard in Spider-Man which put him in par with Hollywood stage actor Maggie Smith We’re all convinced that she’s one of the greatest >> Read More... and Michael Gambon He’s not just a superstar; he is a knight and come >> Read More... , who also played scientific characters and horror movies. Later of course, Rhys was signed to appear in both parts of the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's final Harry Potter book, The actor has received a lot of accolades over the years and is the only high-rated movies were indeed earned millions and millions around the world. We can not forget to mention about his role in film Notting Hill ( 1999) where he rose to international fame. The film also had other Hollywood big names like Julia Roberts She’s one of the Hollywood’s heavyweight actresses >> Read More... , Hugh Grant Hugh Grant aka Hugh John Mungo Grant, who is an En >> Read More... and Emma Chambers. Rhys Ifans had unrecognizable versatility which laid out a path for a long career as a valuable screen actor.
Will Forte  English Actor

Will Forte

Will Fote was born on 17 June 1970 in Alameda Country in California, US. He was then called Orville Willis Will Forte IV. He is an American comedian, actor, producer, voice actor, and writer. He is known mostly for his movies and his role in Television on Saturday Night Live. He is also a producer and creative head of the program The Last man on Earth. Will Fote was born to Patricia C, a former school teacher, and an artist. Orville Willis Forte III, his father, was a financial Broker. He grew up in Moraga and later went to live in Lafayette in California. He was a very jolly kid. He soon changed his name to Will for Orville was the name of one of his female classmates. He always loved comedy and wanted to become a comedian. His idols were David Lettermen and Steve Martin. He was a huge fan of the comedy series called Saturday Night Live. He loved playing Football and Swimming as well. Will studied at Acalanes High school and was voted the Best Personality there. Will Fote was the class Leader. He continued to study History at The University of California in Los Angeles. After his graduation, he tried his hands at comedy sketch. In the 1990s, he joined the Groundings to pursue his dream. He soon got selected for the Jenny McCarthy Show as a writer. He worked at the Letterman for nine months. He soon got fired and realized that he needed more experience with writing. It was a repulsive life for him, and he was not mentally prepared for it. Eventually, Tom Werner noticed him and was hired for writing to That '70s Show and 3rd Rock From The Sun. In 2001, Lorne Michaels spotted him in his performances. Lorne is the maker of Saturday Night Live, the series Will loved since childhood. His previous shows were doing well. He was offered an audition by Lorne, which was quite an unexpected turn of events for him. He got an offer but was reluctant to take it. His dream finally coming true got him scared that he might lose the financial stability he already had from That '70s Show. However, he realized that would be a mistake, and took the offer. In 2002, he decided to join SNL season 28 as a featured a player and writer. He shifted to New York City to pursue the role. Forte was a shy lad. However, he went on to become the entire part on the show. Will Fote was not able to perform well. He suffered from stage fright, and his sketches were not appreciated. He believed it was his tendency to overthink things that did not let his performance improve. It took him almost five seasons to get comfortable with the show. The situation began to improve when his character MacGruber's sketch released in 2007. Within two years, the sketches were converted into a series of commercials. It got Pepsi's sponsorship and grew even more popular. Lorne Michaels was quite impressed by his success and wanted to produce a MacGruber film with him. Will performed the lead role in MacGruber and co-wrote the film as well in 2010. This flick was a box office failure. The film is a cult classic. Forte has no regrets and considers it a part of his experience and is proud of it. Meanwhile, he acted in Around the World in 80 days, Fanboys, Beerfest and more. After this failure, Will left Saturday Nights Live for certain personal reasons. He wanted to be close to his sister who just had kids. He was soon found regretting his decision and started missing the show. He went on to act in the series 30 Rock and made guest appearances on Comedy series including How I Met Your Mother. All these roles were small, and his career came to a standstill. He appeared in movies including That's My Boy, The Watch and Rock of Ages. Grown Ups 2 was the only successful project he worked on. He also played the male cheerleader cameo in the film. In 2014, he got selected for the Independent Spirit Award and the American Comedy Award for his role in Nebraska. The movie was a comedy-drama where he played a supporting role. He couldn't win these Awards, but his performance got Awarded the National Board of review Award. He discovered that he was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Will's is now working on the FOX show sitcom, where he is a writer, producer, and an Actor. The show is called the Last Man On Earth. It aired in 2015 and bagged him two Emmy nominations. The series did well and is set to return with its second season in 2016. He appeared on Moonbeam City for ten episodes in 2015. His upcoming movies are The Ridiculous 6, Keanu, and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping in 2016 and A Futile and Stupid Gesture in 2017. He currently lives in Santa Monica, California.


David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo is a classically trained stage actor, producer, director, and writer. He was born in Oxford (England) on 01/04/1976 and his parents were Nigerian. He is married to Jessica Oyelowo and has four children. They live in Los Angeles. He lived in the UK till he was six yrs old. Oyelowo graduated from London Academy of Music And Dramatic Art in 1998. He started his career from the stage in 1999. He signed up with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Best known for performing as Henry King VI as he was the first black actor to play a lead role in Royal Shakespeare Company. He also won Lan Charleson Award for his performance. He made his theatre company in Brighton and made his debut as a director on the production of The White Devil. Then he started his career in Television. Oyelowo gained popularity by the British TV drama series Spooks from 2002 to 2004. He did other works also like As Time Goes By (2005), Shoot The Messenger (2006), Born Equal (2006), Sweet Nothing In My Ear (2008), The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (2008), and then played main character in Five Days (2007), and The Passion (2008), and in 2009 played lead role in BBC TV Small Island. Then he started his career in Radio and appeared as Olaudah Equiano in The Olaudah Equiano Story, which broadcasted on BBC7 on 08/04/2007. Then he started his career in Audiobook as he was the reader for John le Carre’s The Mission Song. In 2015, he portrayed James Bond in Trigger Mortis. Then he started his career in Films. He did Middle of Nowhere and The Paperboy in 2012. He did The Butler with Daniels in 2013. In 2015, he played the role of Martin Luther King Jr.

David Oyelowo English Actor