Neeraj Kumar English Actor
Neeraj Kumar is a film-actor and director born from India. He first released his critically and notable film called “Child Marriage.” This movie depicts the real-life situation of families and children being engaged in arranged marriage and early marriage. This raised the eyebrows of human rights activists and bodies and supported his call to abolish such tradition and end it. He made a delicate feature and interpretation that raised the call to suppress this tradition and culture. In 2006, he then eventually released his first major role for a satire film “What the Hell!” This was also bagged in to his career as a morally-social-conscious director and actor. Satire films uses a high form of irony or figurative speeches to abolish and criticize people’s wrong doings and shortcomings. This was followed in 2007 with the title “The great Meltdown.” He appeared and one of the supporting role in the movie “Raunaq” in 1993.

His first work Child Marriage, is really a controversial work, and for this he received the “Best Documentary International” for New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in 2005 awarding. This award-giving body NYIIFVF though was suppressed and questioned for not meeting requirements and doesn’t have enough funding, this body was suspended and later on releasing their awardees in a roster.