Cameron Crowe is an American author, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and journalist. He was an editor of the magazine Rolling Stone before coming to the film industry, and he still writes for it. Cameron made his screenwriting debut in the year 1982 with comedy flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Later, he directed and wrote another high school romantic comedy film, Say Anything, and after that a story of Seattle, Singles. His biggest hit came out when he performed the lead role in the romantic-comedy drama sports film, Jerry Maguire. In the year 2000, he wrote and directed an autobiographical comedy-drama film Almost Famous. This movie was based on a 15-year old boy who was a music journalist and went on a trip with a band which gave insight into his life and wrote for Rolling Stone. He also won an Academy Award for this film. In the year 1999, he wrote his second book based on question and answer session with the director. The book was titled as Conversations with Wilder. He was born in Palm Springs in the United States of America. He was the son of James A. Crowe, who was from Kentucky and owned phone service and real estate business and her mother, Alice Marie was an activist and a teacher. Cameron had two elder sisters from which one died when he was young.

He, along with his family got finally settled in San Diego. By the time Crowe came in high school, he had already skipped kindergarten and two classes in the elementary school; that was the reason he was younger from other students of his class and felt alienated amongst them. He graduated in the year 1972 from the University of San Diego High School at the age of 15. Crowe got married in July 1986 to the American singer and musician, Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heart. They had two children who were twins born in January 2000. Crowe and her wife got separated in the year 2008, and Wilson filed for divorce in the court on September 23, 2010, citing "irreconcilable differences". The divorce got finalized on December 8, 2010. Amongst some of his achievements, he has won BAFTA Award for Best Screenplay, Academy Award for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen and Writing, Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture and Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media for the film Almost Famous.

Byron Howard English Actor

Byron Howard

Born on 26th December in 1968 in Misawa, Japan, Byron was brought up in Issaquah, Washington, United States. He studied at the Evergreen State College in Olympia of Washington. Having Birth Name as Byron P. Howard, he is a powerhouse of Talent. He is a Director, Animator, Producer, Screenwriter, and a voice actor. For the start of his career as an animator with Disney in 1994, he has undertaken various responsibilities there. He started his journey with as an animator and worked on his first film “Pocahontas” in 1995. He then went on to animate another film in 1998 “Mulan”. He also worked as a Supervising Animator on a Short film based on Disney’s American Legend “John Henry” in 2000. In 2002, he worked on the movie “Lilo& Stitch” as a Supervising Animator and a character designer. His 2003 film “Brother Bear” was nominated for the award of Character Animation for Annie Awards, and Byron was the Supervising Animator. In 2005, he donned the hat of additional story artist for the movie “Chicken Little”. Another film titled “Bolt” in 2008 was nominated for Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Howard co-directed it with Chris Williams, and he was also credited for providing additional screenplay material. In 2009, his film “Bolt” was released on home video which included his executive production project “Super Rhino”, a short film. In 2010, a movie based on Rapunzel, a famous Disney character titled “Tangle” was released. This movie was co-directed by Byron with Nathan Greno and he also displayed his talent for voice acting by lending his voice to Guard 2 and Thug 2 in the movie. Tangled won the award the International Theater in Tokyo Anime Award and was also nominated for the Critic’s Choice for the Best Animated Feature Film. In 2012, Tangled got itself a Sequel that was named “Tangled Ever After” and was directed by Howard and Nathan Greno. Byron also was the writer and gave his voice for the characters of Lantern Wrangler and Chef. Recently, he directed another film with Jared Bush and Rich Moore, and it was called as “Zootopia.” It is a 3D computer-animated film based on the city of Zootopia and their police enforcement system. Byron was credited for the story of the film, supervising the animation and lending his voice to two characters named Bucky Oryx Antlerson and Travis. His directed film of 2010, Tangled was nominated for prestigious Golden Globe Award for the award for the Best Animated Feature Film.


Camille Delamarre

Camille Delamarre is a popular film director in the French Industry. Born in 1979, the young and talented Delamarre has carved a niche for himself in a short interval of time. He has functioned well as an editor and scriptwriter also. He is presently residing in London. He is well known for his action-packed and thriller movies. Camille was first seen in a movie in 1997 where he worked in for the movie, “Two Orphan Vampires” (a movie based on vampire girls). He started his career professionally in the year 2003. He worked on telefilm, ‘A minute with the sun’ with Nabil Ayouche. He began working with documentaries. The first one as a director was ‘Le hours-Champ In 2004. He was also the editor for this. The milestone for his career was in 2008 where he was the editor for the movie ‘Transporter 3’ along with the director Oliver Megaton. The movie was an action thriller. Thereafter he became the privileged Collaborator of Europa Corp, Luc Besson Company Production. Till then there are dozens of the film at his credits. He has leveraged his editing persona. In 2009 he worked for 22 Bullets (the immortals), a movie based on a novel. The movie worked quite well at the box office. He was also the co-editor for ‘Fatal’ in the same year. His next project was ‘Columbiana’ in 2011, Starring Zoe Saldana and Cliff Curtis. He worked for two films back to back in 2012. They were Lockout and Taken 2. During all these experiences he was always there to embark staging for them. A year later, in 2013, he wrote and directed a small movie, ‘Last Call’ which was an action drama. He was also the producer for this film. Later in 2014, he directed, “Brick Mansions”, an action drama featuring Paul Walker and David Belle. The movie was about an undercover cop who team-up with an ex-con to save the city from crime. Unfortunately, Brick Mansions became Paul Walker’s last movie. In 2015, Camille added a sequel of transporter series under his name by directing ‘The Transporter- Refueled’ which was released in early September. Camille has always worked with the director, Olivier Megaton, which turned out a plus point for him. Apart from directing and producing films, Camille also directed few commercials for luxurious brands and cars. Commercials of beauty products are also included in his list. Camille is currently working on the film ‘Olympiad’, which would probably release in 2017. Camille started his career in early 2000’s and within a short period of time he has made his name in the French Industry and has achieved a lot of fame. He has gained enough experience from the industry and is now set to entertain the people with his skills of direction in his action thriller movies ahead.

Camille Delamarre English Actor