IIya Viktorovich Naishuller was born on November 19, 1983, at Moscow USSR. His parents are Businessman and Surgeon. He moved to London at the age of seven and started living with his mother. Later they moved to Russia after completing his seven years. He started his school education at Tisch School of Arts. But he discontinued from his primary education as he had no good opinion on his school studies and thought that as useless for him. After dropping from school he moved to several filmmakers and asked for a chance, Later he got an opportunity to work with all.

He formed his first band during his school days at 1999, but then it was broken due to some conflicts among them. After that he formed his next rock band namely Biting Elbows in the year 2008. For this band, he played the role of Guitarist and as well as a singer. He then appeared in his first appearance for the EP Dopr Friend Massacre. He also made his debut appearance for the Album Biting Elbows. He then made his appearance for the show Single Bad Motherfucker in the year 2013. He also worked as a Music Director for the video.

This video is the first video of an Amateur with a blockbuster hit with over Twenty million views on the first-day release of this video. It also received the praise from Darren Aronofsky Film Director, Screenwriter, Film producer and Env >> Read More... Darren Aronofsky . Roman Karimov is a Comedy as well as a crime show similar to a movie for which he made his first appearance as an actor in the year 2013. He then initiated his new career as a play director for the drama titled Hardcore but later changed to the name Hardcore Henry Click to look into! >> Read More... Hardcore Henry . It is commercially an Action movie Produced by Timur Bekmambetov. The leading supporting characters of the talkie include Tim Roth Tim Roth is originally known as Simon Timothy. Rot >> Read More... Tim Roth and Sharlto Copley.

Apart from music director, director, and Actor, he also served as a Screenwriter. His motion picture Hardcore featured in the Film Festival of Toronto International film festival of the year 2015. Hardcore is the only play which crosses the Gross of about Fourteen million USD and announced as the most successful cinema of the Russian Cinema industry from 1991. In 2016 he worked for the movie The Weekend- False Alarm as a Musical Director and as well as director. In 2017 he is working with Leningrad as director and music video maker.