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English Screenplay ( 0 - 12 )

Suzanne Collins

Carson D. Mell

Hannah Fidell

Joel Coen

Ethan Coen

Peter Nickowitz

Scott Vickers



A screenplay is also known as a script written for a movie or a program. When a screenplay is written for a television, it is also known as teleplay. This can either be own creations or improvement over the previous versions. A screenplay includes dialogues, actions and expressions of the character in the story.

Screen play has a format of its own. Generally, the format is structured in such a way that one page equates to one minute of screen time. The recommended font is Courier typeface of 12 point. However, the physical format is slightly modified across the globe and countries follow their own customized format for screenplays.

These days, a lot of screenwriting software has emerged enabling the writers to adhere to the basic format and other requirements. A screenplay is the source document for any movie or program and thus it needs to be clear in every possible way.