English Journalist ( 0 - 12 )

Stephen Fry

James Wright Foley

Solveig Kloppen

Denis Hamill

Maria Alexandrovna Gessen

Evan Thomas

Virginia Vallejo

Maria Shriver

Prannoy Lal Roy

Oren Moverman


Shares Information To The World

Journalists are the ones who investigate and gather information from several sourced about a particular field, study them thoroughly, compile them together, and present them to the audience as a news story. The medium of presentation can be any- newspaper, television, radio, internet, or magazines. The journalists work as a team where the reporters make the reports of their investigations and analysis. Also there are photo-reporters, who collect relevant photographs revolving around the news. There are proof-readers who check the content on the news, and correct the faults if they find any.

Editors optimize the content- be it the word count or the time required to cover that story. Also the journalists are excellent at communicating and have garnered the skill of being spontaneous, quick, and witty. They have mastered at least one language, and are also familiar with other languages, which helps them to communicate to people all over the world. Their job requires extensive travelling in order to gather news from across the globe. Although, generally, journalists choose one field for their stories, they are supposed to be updated about all the affairs that take place around them.

They are great observers and listeners, and very particular about the time and venue when it comes to covering a live story. Often, there are cases when they turn interviewers when they need to be thorough about the objective of the session and prepare quick and to-the-point questions. They have a great command over the language that they communicate in majorly and also know how to garner attention throughout their delivery of news.