Top 10 Villain Roles Of Kollywood And Tollywood

Top 10 Villain Roles Of Kollywood And Tollywood Tamil Article

1. ‘ Raghuvaran

Late Raghuvaran is famous for his villain roles in Tamil cinema. He is well known for his unique style and especially his voice which was the trademark of his characters. We cannot forget his blockbuster movie 'Baasha' in which he has done a tremendous job as Mark Antony and not only this he has given his great performances in many Bollywood movies also such as Lal Badshah.

2. Ramya Krishnan

She acted In almost 200 films in different languages. She has done villain roles in many movies, but her character ' Neelambari' In the movie ‘ Padayappa’ is speechless. She has given a phenomenal performance and has even received a Filmfare Award for Best Actresses in a negative role for Padaiyappa. She also marked her appearance in the blockbuster movie ' Baahubali'.

3. Prakash Raj

He has acted in both Bollywood and Tollywood movies, especially as a villain. He is best known for his natural acting skills and is highest paid villain in Tollywood. His role in the movie ‘ Aasai’ as ' Gilli' have no words to describe because of his enormous performance, and nobody can even replace him.

4. ‘ Sathyaraj

He started his career in Kollywood as villain and then turned into a hero, but he again come back as a villain. He is considered as a horrifying villain of Tamil cinema; his role in the movie ‘Amaidhi Padai’ as Amavasai was appraisable.

5. ‘ Nassar

He also performs villain roles in the South Indian movies and best known for his role in the movie Thevar Magan as Maya Thevar; he brilliantly performed his role as a terrorist which nobody can forget.

6. Ajith Kumar

Nobody knew that he could also do negative roles, but his fans cannot forget his role in the movie ‘ Vaali’ in which he has a double role as Deva and Shiva; his dialogues were the most promising part of his character.

7. Sonu Sood

He has done several villain roles in many Bollywood and South Indian films and his performance in the Telugu blockbuster movie ' Arundhati' was so awesome and appreciable. He also received Apsara Award for best actor in a negative role for 'Arundhati' and not only this but his negative role in the Telugu movie ‘ Julayi’ as Bittu is also counted as one of his best performances.

8. Sayaji Shinde

He also comes under top villain of Telugu industry and has played as an antagonist in many movies of different languages. He has been a part of many Telugu movies such as Sri Mahalakshmi, ‘Godava’, and so on.

9. Ashish Vidyarthi

He also works in multiple language films and mainly performs negative roles. He worked in many Telugu movies like ‘ Annavaram’, ‘Raraju’, ‘Anthanokkade’, and so on; his performance in the movie Anthanokkade is a remember and he also got a Filmfare award for Anthanokkade.

10. Mukesh Rishi

He is known for his villain roles in Telugu movies as he started his career as a villain from Telugu cinema and has done many spectacular movies like ‘Manoharam’, ‘Gandeevam’, ‘Adhipathi’, etc.