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Top 10 Telugu - Tamil Bilingual Movies

Top 10 Telugu - Tamil Bilingual Movies English Article

South Indian film industry is famous for its unique movies and fantastic talent. From producing some of the best films in Indian cinema, South Indian movies have bought international fame. Whatever genre it is from Action, comedy, thrillers, horror, and family drama, South Indian films have a mark of their own. In South India, Telugu, and Tamil industries – Tollywood and Kollywood have a massive market. But what if these two markets come together? The combo of these will create enormous money for the producers, a vast audience for the directors, a huge demand for the actors, and a fantastic experience for the audience. This is what exactly happens when a Telugu – Tamil Bilingual releases. Tollywood and Kollywood have made many bilingual movies; today, let us see the best of them.

1. Baahubali: The Beginning

SS Rajamouli's magnum opus film 'Baahubali' is the pride of Indian cinema, which represents India internationally. The epic story revolves around 'Shivudu,' who, in a dream to pursue his love, goes to the kingdom of Mahishmati and learns about who he is and the conflict-ridden past in his family. It was released in 2015 and has become among the highest-grossed movies in the Indian film industry. The film got shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil and later dubbed into other languages.

2. Oopiri - Thoza

Oopiri is a 2016 Telugu – Tamil bilingual movie directed by Vamshi Paidipally. Oopiri is a multi-starrer film starring Nagarjuna, Karthi, and Tamannah in lead roles. The movie revolves around a wealthy businessperson who loses control of his hands and legs after an accident and hires a guy on parole as his caretaker. As the film goes deep, the bond grows between them, and it is a story of their friendship. The movie teaches about money, compassion, friendship, and enjoying life no matter what the circumstance. This movie is an adaption of the French film "The Intouchables." The movie got shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, with "Thoza" being the Tamil adaption's name.

3. Eega – Naan Ee

Eega is a unique film directed by SS Rajamouli with Nani, Samantha, and Sudeep in lead roles. This 2012 Action fantasy movie follows the life of Nani, who loves Bindu has got killed by Sudeep, who lusts over Bindu. The movie tells the concept of Reincarnation as Nani was born again as a housefly to take revenge on Sudeep. The entire film follows how the housefly succeeded in avenging Sudeep. The movie was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. The Tamil film is called Naan Ee.

4. Ye Maya Chesave – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

Ye Maya Chesave is a 2010 Telugu – Tamil Bilingual released in 2010. Gautam Vasudev Menon directed this romantic drama. The plot revolves around Karthik, an engineering student passionate about filmmaking. He falls in love with his neighbor Jessie, but Jessie's father does not accept their love due to religious differences. The entire story is about how they succeed and about their lives. The Tamil version is Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa.

5. Baahubali: The Conclusion

The continuation of the massive blockbuster and Pride of Indian cinema – Baahubali: The Beginning, is more significant than its predecessor. The second part entirely focuses on the backstory of Amarendra Baahubali and his rivalry with his brother Bhallaladeva for the throne. The movie became the highest-grosser in Indian cinema and got all the praise from the entire world. The film was initially shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil and later dubbed into all other major languages.

6. Bhaagamathie

Bhaagamathie is a 2018 Telugu – Tamil bilingual horror thriller directed by G. Ashok. The movie has Anushka Shetty in the lead role. The plot begins with Chanchala, an IAS officer imprisoned in a haunted house for interrogation. Still, things take a turn when she gets possessed and uncovers some truths.

7. Payanam – Gaganam

Payanam is a Tamil – Telugu bilingual action thriller directed by Radha Mohan. It is a story of a Plane hijack where the plane which was supposed to go from Chennai to Delhi met with a terrorist hijack forcing them to do an emergency landing in Tirupati. This situation needs to be handled by NSG commando, which was played brilliantly by Nagarjuna. This 2011 thriller revolves around this flight. The movie was very underrated but critically well-acclaimed. The Telugu version is Gaganam.

8. Spyder

Spyder is a Telugu – Tamil bilingual directed by A R Murugadoss. This action spy thriller has Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, and SJ Surya in the lead roles. The plot revolves around Shiva, who develops software that helps him to listen to people's phone calls so that he can go and help with threat calls. Once, he receives a call from a psychopath who wants the entire city dead, claiming a bomb blast.

9. Oke Oka Jeevitham – Kanam

Oke Oka Jeevitham is a Telugu – Tamil bilingual movie released in 2022 and directed by Shree Karthick. The film deals with a musician and a scientist who teams up to build a time machine as they are unable to deal with the grief and want to make things set right. The Tamil version is Kanam.

10. U-turn

U-turn is a Telugu – Tamil mystery thriller directed by Pawan Kumar. The story revolves around Rachana, an intern at a leading newspaper agency who investigates the flyover murder mysteries with the help of a crime reporter. Things get scary in the second half with hard truths coming up.


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