Shree Karthick is an Indian movie Director, who has worked prevalently in Tamil motion picture industry. Shree Karthick's past film to hit the performance centers was mamakiki in the year 2017. He is better known for Childhood Diaries (2016) and Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka (2015). He is a person with a profound aching to seek after his energy.

He is more eager than even minded, makes him bolder inside. Once in a while, he doesn't report grumble on little issues; he seizes the opportunity to falter into various activities, for instance, singing, playing guitar, show, and move.

He attempts to the association, knows, and creates for challenging roles to achieve something unique. He is a contender with a roaring soul. He wishes to accomplish something increasingly unmistakable in life that will allow him to meet new people, go to new places, help him fulfill his innovative needs, and move him to be better at it.