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 Pawan Kumar is a Kannada film and TV director, actor and screen writer. He was born on 29th October 1982 in bengalaru. He began his career with the movie ‘Lifeu’ and later worked in ‘Isntene’ for which he wrote the script and contributed in terms of acting and direction also. Followed by this, another release, ‘lucia’, in the year 2013 made him the favourite of many.
In the initial days of his career during 1998, Pawan worked in the theatre. He attended various workshops to polish his skills and ultimately became very confident and courageous to take bold steps in his career. He was the associate director with Yograj bhat.
Kumar also made many short films. He was a finalist in Indian young achiever 2006. In the industry, he is known as that candle which illuminates the path of the young talent entering this glamour world. He holds film workshop to support young film makers. You can contact him through social sites and he avails you with all his experience, talking of how to make career in the film industry.
As an actor he has worked in block buster movies like ‘Mr. Garagasa, circus, manasaare’ etc and has written the scripts of the movies like ‘Manasaare and panchrangi’.
He was applauded for his commendable work with awards like Best actor tespo 2002, best creative direction for times play fest, audience award at 4th London Indian film festival for the movie ‘lucia’, and film fare best director kannada for the same. His upcoming project is c10H14N2.
The actor closely links theatre and films, considering both as the equally important art forms.
In 2004 he founded an English theatre company and has produced more than 70 public shows in his theatre production.


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