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Tamil Tv Serial Box Office

Box Office Tamil tv-serials on Sun Music

Box Office is a Tamil entertainment TV serial which is broadcast on Sun Music channel. Sun music channel is a very famous 24 hours music channel of Tamil Nadu which is known to have many popular shows under its banner. Box Office is one such show. Sun Music is a sister channel of Sun TV networks. Box Office airs in Sun Music on every Sunday at 12 pm. It is hosted by the very popular and cheerful host; VJ Anjana. It is a complete entertainment based show which has always been a favorite among the Tamil audience. It is a music oriented show where the most popular and loved songs of recent movies are played on the show. The show is known to play the most recent hit Tamil songs back to back.

It is interesting for the viewers as they get to enjoy their loved or cherished songs on TV. Many times the people watch many songs due to their love for a particular celebrity. Watching their favorite actor or actress on screen makes them happy and watching them in a song performing makes them happier. They may be dancing, or they may be just singing, or they may be acting, a glimpse is enough to make the fans go gaga over them. It plays all the recent popular songs of the Tamil film industry in the show. This show was a hit among the audience as they loved the concept. Even though the concept of this show was old and has been used in many other shows, this show tries to be a little different by introducing VJ Anjana in it.

VJ Anjana with her cheerful and bubbly attitude wins the heart of many. Due to her amazing anchoring skills, she is good at performing her role and also has a very big hand in raising the TRP of the show. Box Office airs at a prime time in the channel Sun Music at 12 o clock every Sunday. VJ Anjana is one of popular VJ's of Tamil Nadu and is a very well known name in every household. People watch this show with a lot of happiness as they are very relaxed on that day. It is a family show where they can sit together and relax while watching it together.