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Snake Themed Television Serials

1. Naaginn

Image Naaginn is one more daily soap series with 219 episodes and special visual effects. Its first episode was aired on October 11th of 2007 and it last till April 11th of 2009. The show was aired on Zee TV and is also getting nominated for the Indian Telly Award for Best Child Actress, Indian Telly Award for Best Special or Visual Effects for television. Though Naaginn 2 is also made, but both the producers (AK Films) and Zee TV decided to air this series sometimes later. The plot of the show is about a snake named Amrita who has the powers to take any form of its wish. Her parent gets killed by the Singh family for the Naagmani and so transforms herself into beautiful women to take revenge and get back the Naag...

2. Nandini - Kannada

Image Nandini is a thriller and supernatural drama show that airs on multiple channels in South India. The show quickly became one of the most popular shows after its launch and proved to be one of the most successful shows in 2017. The show is dubbed in various languages – Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu and Tamil. The show is directed by Raj Kapoor and the story was provided by Sundar C. It rapidly became the most watched show in a matter of weeks in India. The story is about a family and their experiences with supernatural elements like ghosts, spirits, and snakes. The show also has a subplot revolving around the family’s inherited wealth which also plays a crucial role. Rajasekar is an old man who lives secluded in a village...

3. Neeli Aankhen

Image Neeli Aankhen was a fiction series based on the life of a serpent and her love story was aired from Sahara One from February 9, 2008 - May 4, 2008. Love knows no boundaries and co-incidents are not destined. Bounded by the destiny and stuck by love, Neeli Aakhen was a story of a wishful female serpent and a human being suffering from Ophidiophobia. The serpent with blue eyes, Vaishali bestowed with a boon comes to the town to lead a normal human life and experience the goods and bad of the human world. Withstanding the cruelties of the world and taking revenge, she falls in love with Rahul, the son of one of the big shot industrialists in the city. Since childhood, Rahul gets the nightmares of snakes crawling ove...

4. Phir Laut Aayi Naagin

Image Supernatural thrillers, when directed carefully, can engage the audience. Phir Laut Aayi Naagin is a Hindi supernatural thriller show aired on Dangal TV from September 2019 to January 2020. It had its share of success in the television at the time it was aired. Shivani returns to find her lost love in a city after a long time of 12 years. She came to know through her Guru that her lost love was killed for the sake of Nagamani and is reborn in Anand’s house. Now Shivani goes back to 12 years of age to get back her love. The story takes the twist that Anand turns out to be one of the wealthy persons in the world through the power of Nagamani. The story has its own share of turns and if one is a great fan of supernatura...

5. Kahani Chandrakanta Ki

Image Kahani Chandrakanta Ki - This serial is a fantasy and historical series which is very much well known all over India. This serial is based on a great novel named Chandrakanta Santati written by Devaki Nandan. It was broadcast on Sahara. Sunil Agnihotri was the producer of this show. Yes, he’s a known producer for gifting people with various successful shows. This serial has a lot of twists and turns. And it’s about Rani Chandrakanta. Her life was full of mysteries, chronicle, and obscurity. She has a son named Yuvraj Singh who falls in love with her enemy side Maharaj’s daughter. Her name is Rajkumari Kishori which ultimately brings in a lot of trouble. The story includes a lot of c...

6. Jothi

Image The supernatural thriller drama captivates its audience with its plots and twists. A woman in human form becomes infatuated with Aadhishesha, a snake. Their love reaches its edge, which gifts them with two children, Jothi and Shreya. Jothi inherits the supernatural powers from her parents. She fails to realize this and bears all the struggles alone. Her patience only increases her troubles, which she manages in the proper way.The storyline becomes how she uncovers the secret of her birth and marries her partner.Every character in the drama showcases their acting skills, which makes us believe that supernatural things are happening around Jothi.

7. Ichhapyaari Naagin

Image Recent days. the favor for fantasy serial is quite common among the audience. Ichhapyaari Naagin is a Hindi language romantic fantasy and supernatural drama, telecasted on 27 September 2016 on Sab network. The show broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8 pm. It has completed 176 episodes in the currently running season one. Siddharth P Malhotra, is the producer of the show and Alchemy production act as Production Company. Sony Pictures network act as the distributor of the show. Priyal Gor and Mishkat Varma are central character in the series. The serial sets in the naagistan where icchadhari naags and naagins live. Those naagins comes to know, by watching a television show that the humans havemisconceptions about snakes and they wa...

8. Thaazhampoo

Image Thaazhampoo is a Tamil serial broadcast on the Vijay TV channel. This serial stars from Monday to Friday, and was launched on 7th October 2019. The serial revolves around the love story of Revathi, a human being and Naagalokam, a native from the Naaga world. Naagalokam is given the task of saving the Naaga world from a curse. He is sent to planet earth Aathmalingam from earth to his world Naagalokam reaches planet earth and meets Revathi while saving her from drowning in a river. He carries her out from the river. Later Naaga arrives at Revathi’s village for his search for Aathmalingam. He meets Revathi, and returns her bracelet. Upon reaching Revathi’s house, Naagalokam comes to know there is a soul lingam of Naaga w...

9. Aranmanai Kili

Image The name of the show means Parrot of the Palace. It is a Tamil melodrama having the leads as Neelima Rani, Surya Darshan, Pragathi, and Monisha. The show aired on Vijay Tv, and it’s the first episode aired on 24th September 2018. The serial is under the production of The TRM Sri Bharati Associate. The story is all Janaki and Arjun. Janaki is a village girl who is happy at heart, and her father Natarajan is a servant of Meenakshi, a top businesswoman. Meenakshi has a son Arjun who met an accident in his college life and was now on wheel-chair for the rest of his entire life. Meenakshi tried very hard to find a bride for her son but is rejected many times. Tired, she asked Nataranjan for his elder daughter’s hand, Renuk...

10. ​Nethra

Image Nethra is a Telugu supernatural fiction TV daily soap serial telecasted on Gemini TV from 10 October 2022 onwards. Nethra telecasted from Monday to Saturday from 08:30 PM to 09:00 PM IST and is available online on the SunNXT streaming app. Directed by Ramnarayan Uragonda, written by Mahesh Pandey, and produced under the production house banner of Sun Entertainment and Swastik Productions, the supernatural daily drama has 126 episodes. Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Gayathri Gill Tewary, and Rahul Kumar Tewary produced the TV serial.  The drama features Sudipta Banerjee and Shivani Tomar as Nethra, Istaroopadhari Naagini (Sudipta left the show, so Shivani continued her r...

11. Naagin 1

Image Inspired by supernatural powers and incidents Ekta Kapoor came up with one more unique concept for Indian television. Under the banner of Balaji Telefilms, Ekta produced a show ‘Naagin.’ It’s a fantasy show about Icchadhari Naagins. It first broadcasted on 1 November 2015 and lasted until 5 June 2016. Naagin has said to break the records of popularity on the small screen. It has recorded to be the highest rated show ever. The leading casts include Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani, and Adaa Khan. Mouni Roy is a beautiful actress who started her career in 2007 with the most popular show of that time ‘Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.’ Later, she is seen in...


Born: 17 April 1986

Age Now 38

Kinshuk Mahajan - (TV-Actor)

Born: 17 April 1988

Age Now 36

Aanchal Munjal - (TV-Actress)

Born: 17 April 1992

Age Now 32

Zoya Khan - (TV-Actress)

Born: 17 April 1960

Age Now 64

Ghazala Kaifi - (Movie Actress)

Born: 17 April 1970

Age Now 54

Monty Sharma - (Movie Actor)

Born: 17 April 1977

Age Now 47

Dinesh Mongia - (Cricket)

Born: 17 April 1964

Age Now 60

Jeet Matharru - (Producer)

Born: 17 April 1945

Age Now 79

Bhanwar Lal Sharma - (Politician)

Born: 17 April 1959

Age Now 65

Majid Majidi - (Director)

Born: 17 April 1995

Age Now 29

Jiya Shankar - (TV-Actress)



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