Siddharth Kumar Tewary

Other names of Siddharth Kumar Tewary: Siddhart Kumar
Siddharth Kumar Tewary Hindi Actor

Siddharth Kumar Tewary was born and raised in Mumbai. At an early age after completing education, he realized his interest in Television. He married his love interest Geetha Gill Tewary. In 2006 he founded a very successful production company today, Swastik Productions along with his wife Geetha Gill Tewary, Rahul Tewary and Ritesh Kaul with the main headquarters in Mumbai. Siddharth produces the TV series he believes has a great story to it. He kickstarted his career with on Sony TV, which was based on a story about two girls. This series was followed by Mata Ki Chowki The Hindu Shastras signifies the previous time at >> Read More... Mata Ki Chowki and Saas vs. Bahu on Sahara One.

His well-known productions are Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, which aired on Zee TV, Navya on Star Plus and Amita Ki Amit on Sony. The TV sensation which used to air on Star Plus called Mahabharat is among his favorite production which was a mythological drama based on Sanskrit epic Mahabharata.

In an interview, he opened up about producing and stated his intention of making a series so that all the viewers learn something from this series. His other works through Swastik Productions are Hindi Hai Hum Hindi Hai Hum was a youth show. Real TV broadcaste >> Read More... Hindi Hai Hum on Real TV and Maan Rahe Tera Pita on Sony TV both of which did not last more than a year. He brushed off the rocky patch in his productions through on Zee TV, Phulwa on Colors TV and Gyan Guru Gyan Guru was a TV quiz show which was first broad >> Read More... Gyan Guru on Imagine TV.

He faced immense criticism when he produced Bandhan on Zee TV also sometimes referred as Bandhan-Saari Umar Humein Sang Rahena Hai, which showed the bond between human and animals. Due to this series he faced opposition from Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and animal rights organization called as PETA India for ill-treatment of the elephant which was a major part of the show. According to AWIB and PETA, the elephant had developed various infections and had started to behave abnormally.

All these collisions shut down this production after 161 episodes. His recent production in 2015, Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan is an Indian drama-base >> Read More... Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan aired on Star Plus revolved around the story of two friends coming from a different background directed by Pushkar Mahabal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Pushkar Mahabal , he produced historical drama Razia Sultan Razia Sultan belongs to the genre of Indian histor >> Read More... Razia Sultan , which aired on &TV about Razia Sultan the first female leader of Delhi Sultanate. His successful production of Indian fantasy situation comedy, which aired on Sab TV ended this year after completing 283 episodes.