Best known for his roles as Dronacharya in Mahabharat, Amatya Rakshas in Chanakya, Tamraj Kilvish in Shaktiman and Daksha in Devon Ke Dev - Mahadev. Surendra Pal was born in 1953, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Surendra Pal belonged to a middle class background and had no idea that one day he will be known as one of the leading actor in the Indian TV Industry. His entrance in the industry was by chance, but after that he worked hard and established himself in the industry.

There is a long list of movies and TV series he has been a part of, he used to get so many offers that even after rejecting some, he doesn’t have spare time for himself in his calendar. Every year brought a number of new characters for him to play, either in Bollywood movies or TV serials. He has been a part of many projects, but one of his most popular roles on TV was that of Vikranta Jabbar, the role he played in the Ramsay Brothers produced horror TV serial Zee Horror Show's episode "Saya."

Even in real life, Surendra Pal is same as the roles he played in the TV shows mentioned above. He likes to read and has a huge collection of books at home, as for him reading is a habit from childhood days. He also likes to keep himself updated with national and international news.
Rakshak Sahni Hindi Actor

Rakshak Sahni

Rakshak Sahni is an Indian actor who has been in news for his roles in various short films. He has been part of some noted short movies such as ‘You can’t curry Love’ (2009), ‘Naked Innocence’ (2010) & ‘Excuses Girls Make’ (2014). ‘You can’t curry Love’(2009) was his first short film in which he played a local Indian Guy who falls for a London based handsome South Asian man, who is on visit to his native place in India. He played the character of a young Indian boy ‘Sameer’ in ‘Naked Innocence’, who is troubled with his surroundings and the past. He has played the role of ‘Kkavya’, the male protagonist in the famous Star Plus serial ‘Kavyanjali’. He also did a serial called ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’, where he played the role of the lead character ‘Prem’. He has been associated with Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms through both of these Television appearances. He is a Mumbai born actor, who is settled in Los Angeles, California now. He is an avid traveller by heart and loves to visit different kind of places and cherishes meeting people of all kinds. Besides acting he has produced some movies. Prior to his work in the entertainment industry he has worked with Jet Airways and done some modelling assignments. Due to his pleasant and heart warming looks he has earned a wide spread fan following all over the world. He is trying to do some very rare and tricky roles in his upcoming assignments & with this kind of start in the industry his prospects look very nice. Another Version Of this Bio.. Rakshak Sahni is an Indian writer, actor and director. Rakshak has done many short films, TV series and films. He has played the role of actor, writer, director and producer in different films. Rakshak is known for the short films like ‘You Can't Curry Love’ (2009), ‘My Indian Boyfriend’s Mother’ (2015) and ‘Excuses Girls Make’ (2014). He has acted in the TV series ‘Kavyanjali’ (2005). Rakshak has written, directed and as well as produced two short films namely ‘Excuses Girls Make’ and ‘My Indian Boyfriend’s Mother’. Some other of his acting performances can be seen in the short film ‘Naked Innocence’ (2010) and a film in 2012 named ‘Canon’.


Vinod Jethmalani

Vinod Jethmalani is a senior actor who has been a part of several television serials. He has played the role of a teacher in the show called Kaali, which was a crime thriller and was aired on Star Plus, starting in the year 2010, and continued till 2011. The show is about a middle class family and its aspiring girl Rachana who wants to become a badminton player. Unfortunately a rich influential guy, much older than her, Thakral, tries to molest her and from there on begins her protest, and follows the rest of the serial.He has also been seen in the show, Uttaran, playing the role of a lawyer. The show is based on two young girls, one rich and one poor and their budding friendship. He also played the role of a judge on the show, Paavitra Rishta that was aired on Zee TV. This show is about the bond between a girl and her mother, and thereby follows the desire of the mother to find the perfect groom for her daughter. He has also done a cameo in Crime Patrol, where he played the role of the Village Sarpanch. Crime Patrol is a show that comes with a new story in each of its episodes talking about the crimes that take place in the country, in turn making the audience aware of them.He has also played a diamond merchant on C.I.D. which is a show based on a detective series and investigators who solve an incidence of crime with the help of forensics. He has done short, but a variety of roles in various serials.His current celebrity ranking is 2411 on television, whereas his peak ranking was in April, 2013, when he had the ranking of 880.

Vinod Jethmalani Hindi Actor