Born on 15 June 1974, Chakradhar ‘Chakri’ Gilla was a Tollywood music composer and singer. Brother of three sisters and one brother, Chakri started his musical career with private albums. He started his musical career in Tollywood with the movie Bachi directed by Puri Jagannadh. The movie shows the story of a police officer named Bachi who finds a young boy in front of his house. This young boy claims to be his son, and Bachi tries to do his best to prove the boy wrong.

The movie did poorly receiving a rating of a mere 4/10. Later on, he worked with director Puri Jagannadh for ten more films. After this movie, he gave his voice and music for over 85 films. In this span, he also released many hit albums, ones who won him many awards. Most of his famous songs come from movies like Devadasu, Desamuduru, Krishna, and Maska. He won the Tollywood Filmfare Best Singer Award for the movie Satyam.

He also won the Nandi Award for the movie Simha. After divorcing his first wife, Chakri met Sravani ten years later and got married to her despite objections from her parents. In 2013, he was charged with molestation.

The police report said that a friend of Chakri had invited him to her home to a party where he along with director Paruchuri Prasad had molested her after getting drunk. On 15 December 2015, Chakri was pronounced dead when he wife was unable to wake him up one morning. He had been suffering due to obesity and related issues. The doctors stated that he had died of a heart attack. His last hit song was one named Erra Bus.

Devi Sri Prasad Telugu Actor

Devi Sri Prasad

After the success of "Dhinka Chika" song for Salman Khan, starrer "Ready", South Indian composer Devi Sri Prasad, has been getting numerous offers in Bollywood. Devi Sri Prasad liked the evergreen film ‘Sholay’ so much in his youth days, that he has seen the movie many times in his young days, and had then made his thoughts to make his journey to the film world.  He stated that music in’ Sholay’ could always be an inspiration for his generation. Thus, he always wanted to be part of Bollywood and entertain the music lovers throughout India. He has so much passion for music and the film industry that he does not miss any music show hosted for his fans in abroad. Though offers from Bollywood are in the pipeline, he wants to continue with Tamil and Telugu projects too.  Ready (Hindi film) was a remake of a Telugu film by the same name and “’Dhinka Chika’’ was part of his both Telugu and Hindi version too. Prasad is overwhelmed by the success of the song ‘Dhinka Chika’, which is in lips of everyone in Northern India, and even overseas audiences have appreciated his composition. He is very happy that ‘’Ready ‘’ can now be the stepping stone for him into Bollywood. What makes his music so different in Bollywood is that he understands the situation first and then within a few minutes he can compose few lines. Once he gets inspired by the situation, it is only a matter of time before he emerges with a hit tune. He is one musician who belches out suitable tunes with ease.  Who can forget his copious number of hits from “ Arya 2” to the pulsating duets in “Ready” or even “Aata”. Today, he is the most-sought after music directors in Tollywood. His songs from films like 'Mr Perfect' and '100% Love’ also were super-duper hits.  Although he got an offer from Bollywood even before Ready was made, he was waiting for a real big break. He feels music is more about emotions than language. So, in whichever language one might compose, the original raw expression of the song will always remain the same. In Telugu cinema, he has made some cameo appearance with Chiranjeevi (Shankar Dada MBBS and Shankar Dada Zindabad) and Pawan Kalyan starrer (Ninnu chudagane).  The music director is well known for his melodious numbers in Telugu films such as Jalsa", "Manmadhudu" and "100% Love”. In recent times, his composition in Tamil films such as "Singham" and "Sachin", have brought him more appreciation in Kollywood too. The music composer with good look can also be a promising actor in Bollywood and South Indian cinema. Hope he makes a swift journey to Bollywood and leaves a lasting impression for music lovers all over the world.


Dr Josyabhatla

Dr. Josyabhatla can be called a proficient and multi-talented human being. He has done his Ph.D. in music along with that he has triple master degrees. He is a dubbing artist, a musician, mimic, and singer. Josyabhatla Sarma is definitely a star that requires numerous appreciations. Sarma has created a powerful impact through his music and voice in the industry.  His childhood Dr. Josyabhatla has been born and brought up in Kakinada. Hailing from a very well educated family of musicians it was quite obvious for him to get the music power inherently and that’s why he had the arts in his blood.  Dr. Josyabhatla started learning music when he was merely a three-year-old. Akella Prabhakar Murty, his guru, ensured that he understands the nuances of music and gain the expertise knowledge in various types of ragas. It was a very normal thing for him not only to participate in the competitions but also win them in schools and colleges. However, his life went through a transition when he participated in a musical program. In the year of 1995, SPB organized Paduta Teeyaga in which he participated and was able to reach the quarter-finals. The subsequent round tested the participant’s ability to compose a song and sing it. He gave his best performance due to which MM Keeravani, a music director, gave him an opportunity to work with him. As a result, he lost the contest that he participated in. But he didn’t let the sadness overpower him; instead, he began to work under Keeravani in the movies of Raja hamsa under the designation of a chorus and a track singer. After spending an adequate amount of time with Keeravani, he decided to proceed to another singer named Janaki. He affectionately called her Amma. He resided at Amma’s place for a brief period. During his stay, AR Rehman and Janakamma were recording for a movie called Sakhi.  Janaki was giving her voice for a song. Being a 60-year-old, it was marvelous to her to bring out that kind of powerful energy in that song.  One day they were having a casual conversation and suddenly, out of the blue, Dr. started imitating Janakamma’s song and sang it in a feminine voice which was bewildering because he could also render female voice. Surprisingly AR Rehman heard him sing in that voice and patted his shoulder and asked him to sing it again for him. After AR Rehman’s appreciation, Janakamma heard him sing and propounded AR Rehman to train him.  Dr. Josyabhatla began his work with AR Rehman and successfully composed songs for thirteen movies including Priyuralu Pilichindi, Jodi, Yuva, Sakhi, and Amruta. He was finally done with the movies and decided to shift back to Kakinada.    

Dr Josyabhatla Telugu Actor