Janvi Vora

Other names of Janvi Vora: Jhanvi Vohra

Janvi Vora is from Mumbai, Maharashta. Her birthday is on the same day as Teacher’s Day: September 5th and so, she is of the star sign Virgo. She is related to actress Ashita Dhawan Gulabani.

Janvi was first seen in the drama ‘Seven’ which was about finding the seven descendants of the Saptarishi (hierarchy working under the Highest Creative Intelligence, Parmatma’s tutelage), and how they find out about their abilities. This series was a YRF production that aired on SET India. Other cameos of Janvi since then continued in Maniben.com, ‘SID’, Jhansi Ki Rani Jhansi Ki rani is a historical drama based on the >> Read More... Jhansi Ki Rani , etc.

Her career has been peppered with involvements in different projects including a Pankaj Kapoor-made documentary, a Red Candy Films production called Married to America directed by Dilip Shankar Dilip Shankar was born on 29th October 1970 in New >> Read More... Dilip Shankar , and the film ‘Society’ directed by Rahul Dholakia Rahul Dholakia, born in Mumbai, is a Bollywood dir >> Read More... Rahul Dholakia under the banner of Paradigm Studios & Academy Pvt. Ltd. in which many veteran actors from Bollywood also featured.

After these minor parts, Janvi was elated to play the role of Karuna Suryenda Bhardwaj in Sasural Simar Ka Sasural Simar Kaa is a famous Indian daily soap op >> Read More... Sasural Simar Ka (Colors), a show ongoing since 2011; it was a permanent fixture to the cameos she had been routinely doing. Despite initially loving the opportunity, she later got tired of being sidelined by the main characters. However, her role turned negative which gave her more scope to act.

The 5 feet 3 inch actor has long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She has done modeling apart from acting and is married with a daughter.