Tamil Tv Serial Aranmanai Kili

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The name of the show means Parrot of the Palace. It is a Tamil melodrama having the leads as Neelima Rani, Surya Darshan, Pragathi, and Monisha. The show aired on Vijay Tv, and it’s the first episode aired on 24th September 2018. The serial is under the production of The TRM Sri Bharati Associate. The story is all Janaki and Arjun. Janaki is a village girl who is happy at heart, and her father Natarajan is a servant of Meenakshi, a top businesswoman.

Meenakshi has a son Arjun who met an accident in his college life and was now on wheel-chair for the rest of his entire life. Meenakshi tried very hard to find a bride for her son but is rejected many times. Tired, she asked Nataranjan for his elder daughter’s hand, Renuka, for her son, and Renuka agrees reluctantly. But on their marriage day, Renuka ran away, and Janaki steps in to save the family’s pride. The rest of the story revolves around Meenakshi, Janaki, and Arjun.