Hindi Tv Serial Neeli Aankhen

Neeli Aankhen Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Neeli Aankhen was a fiction series based on the life of a serpent and her love story was aired from Sahara One from February 9, 2008 - May 4, 2008. Love knows no boundaries and co-incidents are not destined. Bounded by the destiny and stuck by love, Neeli Aakhen was a story of a wishful female serpent and a human being suffering from Ophidiophobia.

The serpent with blue eyes, Vaishali bestowed with a boon comes to the town to lead a normal human life and experience the goods and bad of the human world. Withstanding the cruelties of the world and taking revenge, she falls in love with Rahul, the son of one of the big shot industrialists in the city. Since childhood, Rahul gets the nightmares of snakes crawling over him and hence, he develops a phobia towards them. Rahul’s stepmother, who is eyeing the fortune of her husband, conspires to get rid of Rahul with the help of her son and brother. They think they succeed when Rahul meets with a car accident plotted by them. But there was another plan written by destiny, Vaishali takes care of wounded Rahul. Melted by the sincere care and enthralling beauty, Rahul falls in love with the girl, unaware of the bitter fact, what is lurking behind the “Blue Eyes” – Neeli Aankhen. The lead cast of the show are: 

Rubina Sasihuddin: Swimmer by choice and an actor by chance, Rubina made her debut with the Sunsilk ad and now is planning to shine with this supernatural series.

 Dilip Thadeshwar: A charming actor who has been also trying his Skills on the Big Screen already has 2015 filled with movies, Jack and Jhol being the first one to release in 2015. He has also done movies like Humko Ishq ne Mara (1997), 1920, Dil Ka Sauda (1999) and Mumbai Salsa (2007).