As a child growing up, Rubina and her father always shared a dream for her to be a sports person. She did not know anything besides her swimming and medals; she enjoyed “swimming in her fame”. Various articles were written about her in the local and national newspapers and winning competitions kept adding up. While getting her degree in Sophia College, she did a ramp walk for Sunsilk, making it her first ad. Rubina never expected to get into the line of media. After her Sunsilk ad, Aachla Sachdev advised Rubina to make a portfolio and begin exploring the media line. So she did. Rubina made her debut in a Telugu movie, called Joruga Husharuga. Then eventually auditioned for the role in Neeli Ankhen. The producer, Shamji, had been affirmative to cast her in his new show. The role played by Rubina, has all the attention. The story revolves around her character. She plays the role of a icchadhari nagin called ‘ Vaishali’. Simple and sweet in nature and has only one wish to become human for eternity.

‘Vaishali’ is blessed and sent on the earth to fight the negative forces. ‘Vaishali’ eventually falls in love with ‘ Rahul’ a son of one of the richest industrialists (played by Deelip Thadesware). If she had not done research, she would have failed to maintain the role, so she claims. In an interview, she states that although she is a new comer in the industry “All the co- actors are very supportive, and they didn't make me feel like a newcomer in the industry” she enjoys being part of this new show since it is contrasted to other serials. This show is not like the typical ‘saas-bahu’ serial; it has thrill, suspense and romance. She also states that she did feel relieved from being on a 70mm screen to a small screen. Rubina felt like she had to put in less effort because this time she did not have to learn and adapt to a new language. Involving herself in the new show boosted her confidence and made her feel comfortable overall. Rubina has no new projects in mind after playing the role of the Naagin. However, she is fascinated to explore new roles and challenges.

Rozina Hindi Actress


Rozina is a Bangladeshi actress who is extremely popular in Dhaka. She is very popular as a TV, film and even stage artiste. Rozina was spotted by Hindi filmmaker Shakti Samanta and he had cast her in a Bengali film opposite actor Mithun Chakraborty in a film titled ‘Anyay Abichar’ (1985) which was later dubbed into Hindi and was known as ‘Aar Paar’ to cine-goers. She is the first actress to act in a Hindi movie so far. The film was a hit in box office. This actress is the highly talented actress in Bangladesh. She had acted in 350 movies so far in various languages in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. After Roopa had bagged her Bengali film project in Kolkata opposite Mithun Chakraborty, She acted in many Bengali films in Kolkata. She left Bangladesh and concentrated in Kolkata. As many Bengali movies made in Kolkata were screened in Dhaka and had viewers in Bangladesh too, the actress did not suffer any loss. She was climbing the ladder of popularity even as a Bengali film star in India and had acted with many top actors of West Bengal such as Chiranjit, Tapas Pal, Ranjit Mullick. She became a leading actress in West Bengal in the early 1990s but later in late-90s she was offered character roles. From 1980 to 1990’s the actress dominated in the screen of Bangladesh and even later won best actress performance for her role in a film ‘Koshai’. Subsequently, she received many awards for her performance in Bangladeshi movies. She was a struggling star in her early stages of the career. She was also a powerful theater artist in Dhaka. When the actress had achieved stardom in Bangladesh, she acted in many social themes and author-baked characters. She also did glamor roles equally well. She is well known for her roles in movies like ‘Jiban Dhara’, ‘Suraj Mia’ and ‘Rosher Badiaani’, etc. After 1993, she vanished away from facing the camera and again made her come back in 2005 with a film “Rakkhushi”. Currently, she is absent from appearing in movies and had directed two TV serials based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's novels. She also made TV plays based on a story of Kazi Nazrul Islam. Her tow serials such as ‘Borodidi’ and ‘Mejdidi’ were extremely popular in Bangladesh TV channels. She even adapted Rabindranath Tagore’s story for a play named ‘Badnam’ in Bangladesh.