Hindi Tv Serial Ichhapyaari Naagin

Ichhapyaari Naagin Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV

Recent days. the favor for fantasy serial is quite common among the audience. Ichhapyaari Naagin is a Hindi language romantic fantasy and supernatural drama, telecasted on 27 September 2016 on Sab network. The show broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8 pm. It has completed 176 episodes in the currently running season one. Siddharth P Malhotra, is the producer of the show and Alchemy production act as Production Company. Sony Pictures network act as the distributor of the show. Priyal Gor and Mishkat Varma are central character in the series. The serial sets in the naagistan where icchadhari naags and naagins live.

Those naagins comes to know, by watching a television show that the humans havemisconceptions about snakes and they want to change the human thoughts. Chirmiri and Ichha both set to do the plan, while Chirmiri chooses to threaten humans to change the perception. However, Ichha chooses the peaceful way by appearing in the temple where snakes are worshipped as God. From the pandit in the temple, she comes to know about Pratap family and Pehalwaan family. Ichha falls in love with Babbal and does not reveal her identity to him as she promised her mother. Chirmiri becomes jealous of Iccha and wants to fail her on every mission, but she eventually fails.

Vaishali, an evil snake once lost her family member due to grandmother’s (daadi) son Shankar. Now she wants to take revenge by killing anyone from Pratap’s family. On Diwali celebration, a bomb blast occurs at Pratap’s home, Babbal tries to save Appu from the danger and Babbal gets severely injured, which causes him to breathe last. Then Ichha, offers a pooja called Sanjhapratyarpan and gives her half-life to him. The evil snake Vaishali now turns into a human form. Amrita, a filmmaker identifies Pratap’s house and wants to do a film on Pehelwaans. She finds out that, Ichha is protecting the family, so she gets help from Budhiraj, a shape-shifting bee and a shape-shifting, Aagvansh.

Ichha continuously ignores Babbal’s love though she loves him intensely. To make her jealous Babbal flirts with Amrita and she falls for him. Prabal who always had an eye on Amrita and other women in the house, informs Daadi about the love between Amrita and Babbal and plans were made to get them marry. Queen of Vishailgarh, Vishali’s sister accepts this proposal on the condition Naagatmikaran,a process that turns a human into a snake. However, Ichha comes to know about this and interrupts Vaishali’s hypnotized process, then enters into Vishailgarh and grabs the diamond, which makes the sisters to turn into a snake. Further, how Ichha saves Babbal from the trap of Vaishali is the story.