Top 10 Tamil Films In 1990s Tamil Article

1. ‘Arangetra Velai’ (1990)

The movie starts with two men fighting about some issue. They face a scene where they learn about some kidnapping of a girl through the phone. Both the men decide to trick the kidnappers and get that money.


2. ‘ Anjali Indian top model and Telugu and Tamil star Anjali >> Read More... Anjali ’ (1990)

A woman was made to believe that her child has died. But she comes to know the truth as the movie proceeds. She brings her child to her home. This child was terminally and mentally ill and the people of her family took a long time to accept her.


3. ‘Adisaya Piravi’ (1990)


This is a movie where a man gets killed by some goons. By opposing to this thing in the heaven, his soul is sent back into someone else's body. Now the soul has got two jobs - to solve the problem of the real body's situation as well as its own problems.

4. ‘Avasara Police 100’ (1990)


An honest man gets arrested by a false accusation. With the knowledge of someone, he has a twin brother who is a police inspector. This man then starts hunting for the culprit and searches for his lost uncle.

5. ‘ Keladi Kanmani Keladi Kanmani is a Tamil thriller serial that is >> Read More... Keladi Kanmani ’ (1990)


This movie shows a strong bond between father and daughter. The daughter eventually falls in love with a man. With time she finds herself terminally ill. She hides this from her father. What happens later is the climax.


6. Michael Madana Kamarajan (1990)


Quadruplet children get separated when they get birthed in the movie. Only one remains with their father, and the rest does different jobs like being a cook, a fireman and a thug. The don is asked to kill the richer child, and the rest is the climax.

7. My Dear Marthandan (1990)

A rich man who gets bored of his life decides to live in a city like an underprivileged man.

8. ‘Nadigan’ (1990)

A man who is in need of money appears as an old man to teach two girls. Eventually, the man falls in love with one of those girls.

9. Oru Veedu Iru Vasal (1990)

A story of a woman who is a maid and gets pregnant by her owner who is a married musician. She moves to town and works hard and gives all the luxuries to her child which she never got.

10. Pulan Visaaranai (1990)

This is a crime story where a police investigates people getting kidnapped in the city. An auto driver is the kidnapper, but things lead to a big gang ultimately.