10 Remarkable Facts About Michael Jackson

10 Remarkable Facts About Michael Jackson English Article

a loved singer and entertainer his death was too shocking for people around the world. He enjoyed his career both as Jackson 5 and as a solo artist. He's albums were on the best-seller of all time.

1. MJ Created ‘Giant Robot’:

 Michael Jackson is known for stunts and multi-talented habits, he came with the strangest ideas before his death of building a giant robot of 50ft. The robot would walk around the Las Vegas Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Las Vegas airport and welcome the people arrived at the airport, promoting the Las Vegas show, after the failure, to put Michael's Las Vegas show he never gave up and planned "This Is It" tour that started many shows in London.


2. A Highest Earning Artist:

Jackson, a highest earning artist, owns the copywriters' of various Beatles songs. He was part of a famous investment group in 1980's. He perceived Guinness Book of World Record for Highest Earning Artist. He's annual revenue was around $1billion.


3. Michael Jackson Inspired Other Artists:


Jackson not only inspired the junior artist like Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber, the singer, record producer an >> Read More... Justin Bieber , Usher but also the senior artist like Madonna, ; he's loving and caring nature made him an inspiration to millions of peoples and artists.



4. Child Abuse In Jackson's Life:

As a child, Jackson had a very terrible time, he's father was too cruel and abusive. In an interview with , he cried and exclaimed he was horrified of his father that whenever he saw his father, he becomes ill. Michael was afraid of his father, and also praises his father for teaching him discipline.


5. Jackson Started His Career In Strip Clubs:


Michael was only six years old when he performed with his brothers in strip clubs, they would sing anywhere to get exposed to a larger crowd. Michael and his brothers were known as Jackson Five; their performance was popular in strip club, Jackson Five sang the song "Big Boy" which released in 1968, from then they became famous among the audience.


6. Michael Jackson slept In Oxygen Chamber:

Michael exclaimed that he finds comfortable in oxygen chamber as if it could help him to live 150 years old. While shooting for Pepsi, Michael burned himself and used an oxygen chamber to recover from the incident.

7. Plastic Surgery:

After agreed the deal with Pepsi Cola, he mistakenly wounded himself on his scalp while shooting a commercial for the company. He started with his plastic surgery test.


8. Jackson Moonwalk:

In 1983, Motown was the place where MJ enacted "Billie Jean" and showcased his famous and popular dance moves called Moonwalk, around 47 million people watched him dance.


9. He Wanted To Be Spiderman:

MJ tried to purchase Marvel Comics, his dream was to produce and act in the movie Spiderman. MJ, unfortunately, couldn't succeed in the playing the role, and then the performance were given to Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire is an American film producer and act >> Read More... Tobey Maguire .

10. One Billion Viewers To Watch Jackson's Memorial:

MJ body were laid in a golden coffin, his memorable had 19 networks around the United States where over 31 million people watched his memorial.