Inger Stevens was a famous Swedish-American movie, stage and television actress. She was born in a place called Ingrid Stensland located in the capital city of Sweden named Stockholm. In her childhood, she frequently fell ill. Her mother left the family when Inger was of age of nine. Her father shifted to the United States. He left his daughters with the maid in the beginning and then with an aunt in a place near Stockholm called Lidingo to take care of them.

The girls began to live with their father and their new mother in New York City in the year 1944. Her father started working as a teacher at Columbia University. When she was thirteen years old, she moved to a city in northeastern Kansas in the United States along with her father and continued her education at the Manhattan High School. She worked in many variety shows named American Burlesque in Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri. When she was eighteen years old, she came back to New York City. There, she began to work in the Fashion District named Garment District, while she took classes at the membership organization named Actor's Studio.

She appeared in many commercials, television series, in plays, etc. She acted in a film named "Man On Fire" along with Bing Crosby. She took part in many major films, but she was very much appreciated for her acting in the American comedy series named "The Farmer's Daughter”. She also appeared in many episodes of “Route 66”, ‘ Bonanza Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Bonanza ’, “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", "Sam Benedict", "The Eleventh Hour", and "The Twilight Zone". She also appeared in many movies like "Walter Matthau”, "A Guide For The Married Man", etc. She tried her best to get back her television career with "The Most Deadly Game", the detective drama series.

She was married to her agent, Anthony Soglio, who was her first husband. She stayed with him for two years from 1955 to 1957. Ike Jones, a producer cum actor, said that in the year 1961, he had a secret marriage with Stevens. But, the claim was not proved to be correct as there was no marriage license, and tax documents were found stating they are single people. However, Carl O. Stensland, her brother stated in the court that Inger had a secret marriage with Jones at the time when their assets were being settled.

She died on 30th of April in the year 1970. Lola McNally, her companion saw her in Holly Hills’ home's kitchen lying on the floor on that day in the morning. She informed the police that she had spoken to her the before day and she was perfectly fine at that time. Inger died on her way to the hospital in the ambulance. Dr. Thomas Noguchi, Los Angeles County Coroner said that she died due to barbiturate poisoning.