Birthday: 07-08-1975
Age: 43
Star sign: Virgo

She’s one of the most exquisite beauty queens in Hollywood. She out-stranded film critics and viewers as she made defying roles in her acting career. Born Charlize Theron in Benoni, Transvaal Province in South Africa on August 7th 1975. She is a multi-awarded actress, exemplified producer and fashion model. She first land a smale role in the 1995 movie called “Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest”, followed by 1996 movie “2 Days in the Valley” as Helga Svelgen. She landed a wholesome role as Tina Powers in the movie “That Thing You Do!” and as Billi Tyler in the 1997 movie “Trial and Error.”

She made a breakthrough career alongside Al Pacino and Keannu Reeves in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” as Mary Ann Lomax – a story of a lawyer that given a chance to work in New York in a high-profile law-firm with a perfectionist boss. She also starred as Jill in the 1998 movie “Mighty Joe Young.” A story of a gorilla taken to a sanctuary in California that is being seek by a crook to seek vengeance. She also starred in the movie “The Astronaut’s Wife.” A story of astronauts returned to their homes after an explosion and changed as they’re not the same, alongside Johnny Depp. She also played the role Ashley in the 2000 movie “Reindeer Games”, a story of an ex-convict that find himself in a heist, alongside Ben Affleck. She also starred in the movie “The Yards”, followed by critically acclaimed “Man of Honor.” A story of an ambitious yet refined naval diver Carl Bashier ( Cuba Gooding Jr.), that was amputated after an accident in the retrieval of a “broken arrow”, that was trained and mentored by his teacher (Robert DeNiro). She also played role Adele in the movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, and “Sweet November” as Sara Deever alongside Keannu Reeves and Jason Isaacs.

She also played the role Rose in the 2001 movie “15 Minutes”, as Laura Kenigston in the movie “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion”, as Candy Kikendall in the 2002 movie “Waking Up in Reno”, and “ Trapped” in the same year. As Stella Bridger in the story of a team and planned to heist gold in the movie “The Italian Job”, also landed role of Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 movie “ Monster.” A story of a prostitute who became a serial killer alongside Christina Ricci. She also starred in the movie “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers”, followed by “Head in the Clouds”, and her fresh-breed of character in “North Country.” A story of a woman who was sexually harassed as a worker in mining facility and winning a lawsuit, alongside Jeremy Renner.

She also starred as “Aeon Flux” as an assassin to the Chairman of a group that plans to overthrow the government. She also played the role of Detective Emily Sanders in the movie “In the Valley of Elah”, as Ella in the movie “Battle in Seattle”, as Joleen Reedy and producer for the 2008 movie “Sleepwalking”, and as Mary Embrey in the blockbuster hit film “Hancock.” A story of super hero that become alcoholic and possesses bad behavior with memory loss, as he was forced to be separated from Mary, alongside Will Smith. She also played various roles in the movie “The Burning Plain” as Sylvia, “ The Road” in 2009, as Mavis Gary in the 2011 movie “ Young Adult”, as Queen Ravenna in the movie “Snow White and the Hunstman”, as Meredith Vickers in the 2012 movie “ Prometheus”, followed by the 2014 movie “ A Million Ways to Die in the West”, as Imperator Furiosa in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and as Libby Day in the 2015 movie “ Dark Places.”