Top 20 Weirdest Red Carpet Appearances

Top 20 Weirdest Red Carpet Appearances Hindi Article

In the film industry, fame and controversies go hand in hand. While some dazzle the red carpet with their style statement, others too, succeed in creating news flash, but otherwise. Here is the countdown of the celebs who had the audacity to appear and create history, rather become one.
She is one name in the industry that has controversies attached to her like a parasite. When it comes to fashion sense, she is no less. She always manages to make headlines. How can we forget the New Year performance she gave on the 31st night that, as the news said, was not compatible with Indian values. A worse dressing was her black dress she chose to wear at the premiere of Inglorious Bastards.
The former Miss World is a prominent name who appears every year in the Cannes. Everyone looks forward to the lady’s dressing on the red carpet, and it’s funny how she grabs everybody’s attention by disasters she makes there. Right from her debut in Cannes in 2002, she disappointed everyone, and what’s with the purple lipstick that made the entire package look so horrid in 2016?
We all know that Miss Kapoor is such a fashionista and is so particular about her style. She has been more in the news for her classic dressing sense than for her films. She is the style icon of Bollywood, but we cannot forget the disaster she made at Cannes 2015 with her extra feathery yellow dress.
She is a great producer and has blessed many careers, but her fashion sense is bizarre. If we talk about the disasters she made with her dressing, the list would beendless. From movies’ success party to the award shows, she did not go unnoticed anywhere. Ekta, we suggest you to change your stylist. 
The former Miss Universe is one of the smartest actresses in the industry. On one hand, where she dazzles the red carpet with her charm and elegance, on the other, we could not avoid bringing the disaster she made at the prestigious IIFA Awards to your notice. That red gown made her look ridiculous.
We all are aware of her extra ordinary acting skills, and we like how she owns an ethnic way of styling for most of the award shows. But Vidya has been courageous enough to pick some outfits that make her well deserving to be on our list. One of such disasters was at Cannes 2013. That hideous way of covering the head, high neck blouse was surely not a correct decision for the occasion.
At the age of 74, the magic and influence Mr. Bachachan has are commendable. Be it his simple kurta-pyjama with a shawl over his shoulder or his Armani coats, he does absolute justice to everything. But we wonder what made him pick that blue stripe jacket with tied belt, white trousers and that hideous pair of shoes for Cannes 2013.
When you think of fashion disasters, there is one person who will never disappoint you, and yes, that is Rakhi Sawant. There have been numerous events when she recorded her terrible dressing sense, be it her flashy golden dress at Stardust Awards Actors and Technicians spend a lot of time in prep >> Read More... or deep neckline black dress at a movie premiere.
IX. Viann Zhang
The story of dress disasters travels beyond the boundaries. This gorgeous Chinese actress, Viann Zhang also became one of the worst dressed celebrities in Cannes 2015, when she appeared in her multicolored floral gown at the opening ceremony of Cannes 2015.
X. Frederique Bel

You talk about the award functions, and you don’t mention the Cannes, it is not possible. You discuss the Cannes and don’t talk about the attires; it’s again impossible. Fredrick Bel was one name that made a blunder at the Cannes in 2013 followed by another disaster two years later.

Trying something out of the box does not always make you look good. So it happened with the glamorous Charlize at the Cannes 2016. She picked a formal dress code, white shirt with a black blazer over it, paired with black bellbottoms. The entire package, though smart, did not appeal the audiences enough and it turned out to be a failure on the red carpet.
We saw Mandira draped in a black saree at a fashion show, which was rather cheap than pretty. Her different style and the effort to come out in an ethnic look backfired when the lady walked on the ramp; the audience only got an eyeful of cleavage looks. Well, we hope to see you in little more clothes the next time Mandira.
XIII. Trey Parker
There is one more occasion where celebs leave no chance of flaunting themselves. It is the Grammy Awards. For the past 88 years, hundreds of disasters have happened at the red carpet, and one such blunder was Trey Parker. Though he tried to poke fun at the event in 2001, this became an epic and out of the box style.
Can anybody guess who inspired Trey Parker to pick that green dress for the Grammy Awards of 2001? Yes, it is the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, who actually appeared in that dress in 2000 for the Oscars. This bold, chiffon green Versace gown could not leave her unnoticed, and she easily made her place on the countdown.
XV. 'Cher'
This American actress and singer, also known as the goddess of pop took a bold blunder step when she arrived at the Oscars’ red carpet in her feathery black dress in 1986. She did not stop there. Another appearance she made two years later in 1988 that was even bolder, which was her transparent black dress.
She is one actor who gradually has become a shining star of Bollywood. She has reached the peak of her career and is also a National Award winner. On the occasion of 63rd National Film award ceremony, Kangana appeared in a flashy silver gown, which although made her look stunning, violated the dress protocol because some felt it was inappropriate to wear such outfit, especially when the President honors you.
XVII. 'Bjork' 
It was ridiculous to see how this Chinese singer appeared in 2001 Grammy Awards. She appeared in a white swan dress, with its neck wrapped around her neck, which helped her grab all the media attention. Looks like she had forgotten where she was.
We could see the lady in a white dress with a blue belt. Looks like she did not get time to get a designer, so, wrapped a piece of cloth and tied a blue ribbon around her waist. P.S. her simple hairdo and the sandals, which were a complete mismatch, made her look a disaster on the red carpet.
Sonakshi has been in the limelight since the beginning of her career, not for good reasons always. Her weight, broad forehead are some of the things that people often criticize. One more to add to the list of critics was her monstrous black and golden dress with dark eye make-up, which she wore at the 19th Star Screen Awards.
To err is human. Our divas always walk the red carpets with grace, but some are not equally good, and they tend to make some mistakes. One of the few such mishappenings happened by the beautiful Deepika at the IIFA Awards, where she appeared in a red gown, which did not look that graceful.