Top Ten Romantic Movies In Hollywood

Top Ten Romantic Movies In Hollywood  English Article

1. The Notebook

This movie released on 25 June 2005. It is full of romance. It depicts the love story of Allie and Noah. Noah is narrating a love story to Allie, who is suffering from Alzheimer. He tells that Allie and Noah love each other, but fate spills them. The chemistry between Allie and Noah is amazing. This movie got many awards like MTV movie award, Teen Choice Award and BMI Music Award.


2. Pretty Woman

It released on 23 March 1990. This is the love story between an industrious man and a prosecutor woman. He hires her for few days. By and by, he falls in love. He confessed his love for her, but she never took it seriously. When she realize, she loves him. She runs and expresses her feelings for him. Then, they marry and live their life happily. It got people’s choice award.


3. A Walk to Remember


It released on 25 June 2002.This film tells the love story between Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter. Jamie Sullivan is the minister's daughter of their town. He falls in love with Jamie Sullivan. Many problems come to spill them, but they face, and their love gets won. The couple looks so sizzling. It got MTV movie award and Yahoo! OMG Awards Philippines.

4. When Harry Met Sally


It released on 21 July 1991. It is a romantic comedy film. It depicts the love story of two students. They are more than best friends. When they meet after five years; they confess their love. It got nominated for Oscar Awards.

5. The Princess Bride


It released on 25 September 1987. It is a very adventurous story. It is the love story of a girl and a boy, who loves each other. People split them, but their love never gets defeated. They get a war from the king of Florin. At the end, their love wins and live a happy life. The couple of this film is hot and their chemistry did rock on the box-office. It got many awards.


6. P.S. I Love You


It released on December 21, 2007.It is an emotional love story of Holly and Gerry. They fight but love each other. When Greey dies due to brain cancer, Holly misses him a lot and reads all the letters, which is written by him. It got people choice award.

7. The Holiday

It is rom-com film. It is released on 8 December 2006. In this film, two girls go abroad for their holidays, where they fall in love with two men. Their life changes. It got ALMA award.

8. Endless Love Click to look into! >> Read More... Endless Love

It released on is a romantic film. It tells the love story of a girl, Jade Butterfield who is reclusive and her classmate David Elliot. Jade is beautiful, but she is very shy. When she meets her classmate after a long time, they fall in love and live their life happily. It got many awards.

9. Sweet November

It released on 2001.In this movie; Sara and Nelson meet in November and spend some time with each other. Then, they realize their love. And, they live happily.

10. The Twilight Saga

It released on 2009.It depicts the love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen is a vampire. He protects her in every circumstance. They fall in love. Many people come between their love, they face and win over all of them.