English Artists ( 0 - 12 )

Panos Spentzos

Misty Rosas

Danny La Rue

Christien Tinsley

Fred Gwynne

Jonathan Banks


What Does An Artist Do In Real Life?

Television usually portrays the artists sitting in a coffee shop and engrossed in deep, meaningful conversation, painting around on clothes at art galleries. Sometimes they portray artists going through dramatic breakdowns or involved in drugs and alcohol, but most of them are in their studio making art. Making art is the vital thing that artist do which includes sculptures, paintings, animation, drawings, earthwork, events, sketches, photographs, videos, and recordings. Art can take any form, which expresses an idea in some physical form. Artist works consistently and produces a quality work. Artists are not copycats instead; they make art for a reason, share ideas or visions.

The artist usually spends their time observing the world around them; get into deep thoughts about things, nature, politics, people, science, mathematics, and religion. Some artist in visual terms, they try to show the beauty of the landscape or faces of a person. Artists spend a lot of time in research, watching cinema, reading books, magazines, and blogs and listening to music. The artist asks some agent or dealer who helps them to organize an exhibition of their artwork in galleries. For an emerging artist, this involves setting up shows in cafes or some open spaces ground. The Exhibition and selling help them to promote their artwork.