Tragic Lives Of Top 5 Hollywood Stars

Tragic Lives Of Top 5 Hollywood Stars English Article

1. Charlize Theron

Her childhood wasn’t like other children a happy one. Her drunkard father was shot dead in front of her eyes by her mother in self-defence. Her father was an abusive man who threatened to kill his wife and daughter in the active state. He used to torture both mother and daughter physically as well as mentally. Charlize is very close to her mother and believes she saved her life many times. She moved to Milan after the incident in the hope of becoming a model. When Charlize entered the Hollywood, she had $400 cash in pocket and a suitcase. And a decade later lovely Charlize went on winning Oscars for her performance in the film ‘Monster’.

2. Kevin Spacey

He has a record of playing a psychopath in his acting career. The life of this versatile actor wasn’t an easy one.Kevin brother, Randall Fowler, spilled the beans about his past in one of the interviews. Kevin always gave a cold shoulder about his family, but his brother Randall revealed that their father was a sadist, child molester, and a Nazi member. He even groomed his physical appearance to look like Adolph Hitler. Randall says he has been a victim of child abuse as his father used to drain him physically, emotionally and sexually. Randall even stated that it was because of his brother that he never committed suicide. Kevin on the other hand completely denies with what his brother said.

3. Joaquin Phoenix

He was merely 19-years old when he saw his brother, River dying in front of his eyes. On one fateful night Joaquin along with his brother went out for a Halloween night, and eventually, the night ended with River’s death due to the drug overdose. Joaquin made an emergency call on 911 but by that time River was already dead. In this extremely traumatizing event, what added to Joaquin’s misery was media scrutiny. He became a victim of substance abuse and went to Rehab in 2005. It was in 2009 that he made a comeback in Hollywood.

4. Tobey Maguire

Known for his role in the film Spider-Man and series, Tobey himself was once entangled in the web of family problems. Son of Wendy Brown and Vincent Maguire, Tobey was born when both his parents were young, unprepared and unmarried. The duo married after the birth of Tobey but soon divorced each other when Tobey was merely two-years-old. He spent his childhood in poverty and situation became more complicated when his father attempted a robbery in a bank due to his low income. He was caught and was imprisoned for two years. Tobey wanted to be a chef like his dad, but his mother lured him to join theater by offering him $100.

5. Kelsey Grammer

Actor, comedian, producer and singer, Allen Kelsey Grammer is best known for his role of psychiatrist Dr. Crane in the serial TV Cheers and Frasier. Live of this versatile man was full of misery, loss, and grief. First, he lost his grandfather at the age 11. Shortly his father was murdered; his vehicle was set on fire. Later in life his sister was killed, and his brothers lost their life while doing scuba diving.