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William H. Macy is a renowned screenwriter, professor and theatre director, film and television actor. He was born as William Hall Macy, Jr. on March 13, 1950 at Miami, Florida and was raised up in Georgia and Maryland in United States. He is the son of Lois and William Hall Macy, Sr. He studied and graduated in Allegany High School in 1968. Later, he attended Bethany College, West Virginia to study Veterinary Medicine. When he moved to Goddard College, he associated himself to theatre where he acted in group productions of plays like The Three Penny Opera, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and several modern and improv pieces. He met David Mamet Bio coming soon... >> Read More... David Mamet , a popular playwright at Goddard.

In 1971, after he graduated at Goddard, he shifted to Chicago, Illinois and work as a bartender. In the same year, he, along with David Mamet and others build the St. Nicholas Theater Company, where he started in doing roles in various David Mamet’s works like The Water Engine and American Buffalo.

He spent some time in L.A., California before he transferred to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , New York in year 1980. From there, he has done several Broadway and Off-Broadway works. One of his early roles on-screen was his character as Socrates, a turtle in the 1984 direct-to-video fantasy film, The Boy Who Loved Trolls. He also did small role in the 4th season of the situation comedy, Kate & Allie in the episode, General Hospital. William appeared in several films which was written and directed by Mamet such as Oleana where he reprised the role he portrayed in the play of the same title, State and Main, Spartan, Wag The Dog, House of Games, Things Change and a lot more.

His character as Jerry Lundegaard in the 1996 dark comedy film, Fargo gained him fame and nomination at the Academy Award. It also helped him in improving his career and became popular. From 1990 to 2000, he has done films like Sahara, Benny & Joon, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Air Force One, Psycho, Happy, Ghosts of Mississippi, Boogie Nights, Mystery Man, Jurassic Park III Click to look into! >> Read More... Jurassic Park III , Seabiscuit and a lot more.

He also made his name on the television industry and donned a variety of roles including his guest appearance in the action-drama series, The Unit, where he played as the President of the United States. He bagged the role of Bill Porter in the television film, Door to Door in 2002. This is a real-life story of a door-to-door salesman from Portland, Oregon, who have a cerebral palsy. William received two Emmy Awards for playing the lead role and for being the co-writer of the film. His performance in the series, ER and the fictional sports news show, Sports Night also received nominations from the Emmy.

In an interview in 2003, the actor stated that he wanted to do a big-budget film for the money. William works as a director-in-residence in New York’s Atlantic Theatre Company, where he teaches Practical Aesthetics method. The book, ‘A Practical Handbook for the Actor’ illustrates the method and it is dedicated to William and Mamet.

In 2007, he was starred in the comedy film, Wild Hogs as Dudley Frank; a story about the middle-aged suburban men remembering their childhood days by going on a road trip with their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The film became a box-office success and earned over $168-Million. William also acted in the comedy film, The Maiden Heist along with and Christopher Walken He is one of the living legends of Hollywood. Born >> Read More... Christopher Walken in 2009. In the same year, he replaces Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven is a man with many talents. Having co >> Read More... Jeremy Piven in the Broadway’s Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet. Jeremy Piven unexpectedly drops the play due to some health issue. He was featured as Ray in the comedy-drama film, Dirty Girl Click to look into! >> Read More... Dirty Girl in 2010. He also played as a Protagonist on Showtime’s Shameless in 2010. Eventually, the project became a series and his performance as Frank Gallagher was critically acclaimed. He also received a nomination as the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the Emmy Awards in 2014. Due to the increase of the ratings, Showtime has renewed second up to fifth season which will premier in 2015.

He got married to Felicity Huffman on September 6, 1997. They have two daughters namely Sophia Grace and Georgia Grace. He appeared on the cover of the Fine Woodworking magazine. William is also the national ambassador of the charitable organization, United Cerebral Palsy.