Dennie Gordon English Actress

Dennie Gordon is a renowned film and television director. She is famously known for Ally McBeal, Grounded for Life, Joe Dirt and some other works. She has one of the most creative minds in the industry. She was born in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota and has learned a lot from there.

She made her debut in the directorial field with A Hard Rain and then in TV series, Picket Fences. She directed for one episode but learned a lot from it. She continued working hard and directed many TV series in the 90's. She directed few episodes of many diverse TV serials like Chicago Hope, ‘Relativity’, Party of Five, Michael Hayes, Nash Bridges, Dawson's Creek, ‘Snoops’ and much more. She also directed three renowned TV series including Sports Night, Ally McBeal and Jack & Jill. She was always fond of acting and was involved in many plays during her college days. She graduated from Yale's School of Drama in Directing. After graduation, she was first acknowledged for her script for Hard Rain, which was chosen by Showtime's Discovery Program. Hard Rain was a milestone in her life as it helped her gain attention everywhere. She was also recognized by Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... Steven Spielberg and David E. Kelly. Hard Rain also won dramatic awards at the British Film Festival and also at the Hampton's Film Festival. Hard Rain helped her in getting her first gig in directorial when David E. Kelly was impressed with her skills and asked her to join in the direction of some TV serials like Chicago Hope and The Practice. She directed various TV shows in early 2000's and became popular in TV show business. She also featured in the shoes of the writer for A Hard Rain and My Lucky Star Click to look into! >> Read More... My Lucky Star . She also flaunted her acting skills in Burn Notice Serial story coming soon... >> Read More... Burn Notice where she played the role of Female Senator. She even went on to produce a TV series, ‘Private’ in 2009. Gordon is an adamant woman who has shown it in every step of her life. After making her debut in 1994, she has never looked back and has continued to amaze everyone with her skills and passion. She is a real fighter has fought her way out of it. She also directed some episodes for Suits, Kingdom, and Bloodline. She earned the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Musical/Variety for the famous HBO series; Tracey Takes On...

Dennie is a great character to have on the team and always keeps on surprising her fans with her extraordinary skill sets.