He is one of the living legends of Hollywood. Born as Ronald Walken on March 31, 1943 Queens, New York City. He was an actor and singer and shall we say a dancer and become so loved when he played the dancing icon for the music video “Weapon of Choice.” First appeared for the movie “Barefoot in Athens”, followed by “Three Musketeers” as John Felton. He also starred for the movie “Me and My Brother”, “The Anderson Tapes”, and as Pvt. James in the movie “The Happiness Cage.” He guaranteed success throughout the end of the decade and made movie in 1981 called “Pennies from Heaven” as Tom, a story of a bored music salesman that finds fascination through music and love affair with a teacher. He also starred in the movie “The Dead Zone”, a story of a man that came from coma and discovers that he have psychic ability and could be used as a detective. He also starred for the movie “Communion” a story of a family that went for holiday outing and discovers unusual happenings.

He continuously bagged and landed roles in the end of the decade and in the beginning of 1990. He also starred as Max Shreck for the movie “Batman Returns”, a story of vigilantes that will try to stop Penguin and a dark businessman from putting Gotham to chaos. Along with his success includes the movies “Day of Atonement”, as P.J. Decker for the movie “All American Murder”, as Jack for the movie “Scam”, and as Vicenzo for the movie “True Romance” and “Skylark.” He also joined the ranks of the best in the movie “Pulp Fiction” as Caption Koons, as Mr. Smith for the movie “Nick of Time”, and Gabriel for the movie “The Prophecy” as he tries to collect soul to end the war in Heaven and only one priest and a girl could stop the angel. He also included in his list the movies “The Addiction”, “Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead”, as Kim for the movie “Search and Destroy”, as Bruno for the movie “Wild Side”, as Hickey for the “ Last Man Standing Last Man Standing is a television show that is bas >> Read More... Last Man Standing ”, as US Officer Rod for the movie “ Celluloid Celluloid is a movie based program telecasted by S >> Read More... Celluloid .”

He also starred for the movie “Basquiat”, as Raimundo for the movie “The Funeral”, as Ray for the movie “Excess Baggage”, “Suicide Kings”, as Bill for the movie “Touch” and made sequel for “The Prophecy II.” Starred for the movie “ Trance Click to look into! >> Read More... Trance ”, as the voice of Colonel Cutter for the animated blockbuster movie “Antz”, as The Hessian for the movie “Sleepy Hollow” with Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More... Johnny Depp , starred as the genius Calvin Webber for the movie “Blast from the Past” a story of a family that live in the fallout shelter for 35 years, as his son is old enough they sent him to pick groceries and met a lovely lady that change his beliefs starring Brendan Fraser He’s considered a “Predefined Indiana Jones”; but >> Read More... Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone.

He also starred for the movie “America’s Sweethearts” as Hal, directed a movie called “Popcorn Shrimp”, as Roy for the movie “Jungle Juice”, as Frank for the movie “Catch Me If You Can”, “Undertaking Betty”, as Hatcher for the comedy action movie “The Rundown” starring Dwayne Johnson Born on 2nd May 1972 in California, Dwayne Johnson >> Read More... Dwayne Johnson and Seann William Scott “Stifmeister” or “Stifler” often remembered as a c >> Read More... Seann William Scott , a story of aspiring chef that wants to relieve his self from the mobsters, and ask to do his final job to retrieve the son of his boss winding up with troubles in search of the boy. His also starred as Morty the man who gave the universal remote to an architect for the movie “Click”, a story of a workaholic architect theat can fast forward and rewind his life but he saw flaws with it. Played also role for the movie “Hairspray”, as Jackie for the movie “ Dark Horse Click to look into! >> Read More... Dark Horse ”, as Hans for the movie “ Seven Psychopaths Click to look into! >> Read More... Seven Psychopaths ”, as gyp for the movie “ Jersey Boys Click to look into! >> Read More... Jersey Boys ”, as Curtis for the movie “Turks & Caicos”, as Paul for the movie “When I Live My Life Over Again”, and starred for the movies “The Family Fang” and “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.”