Omi Vaidya English Actor
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Who will ever forget this remarkable face in Bollywood? We have same answer..."The Silencer!" or rather "Chatur". A real-life character as they say that you already encountered while staying a boarding house. It could be your roommate, or his character could also be you. A student that is always being bullied because of his accent and unfamiliar with the Hindi language, and also a very irritating character that almost turned to become the antagonist. However he successfully played this role with outstanding dedication and skills. We saw ourselves within his character. Excreting a "soundless-fart" but can be dreadful to others.

His real name is Omi Vaidya. Born January 10, 1982 and raised from Yucca Valley-California, United States. What was he then before his one-night-stardom?

He's already an actor in California and starred with simple roles in different TV-series. He was the "Rav Nadir " in the TV-Series "Arrested Development" and "Sadiq (My Friend)" in the TV-Series "The Office." He also appeared as unknown inmate from the star-studded and award winning CSI-series. There are a lot of few roles that he appeared but he was famous in the "3 Idiots." He also appeared in a music video Kurti by Bohemia, a famous pop-rap video music in India.  He directed the films "Out of Time" and "The Desert Rose" while working as an actor to different TV series.

He denied many times the role of Chatur but he was convinced by one of his friends and the director of the movie. Few days before the release of the movie "3 Idiots" he was invited to appear in an interview. He was instructed by the director to avoid any interviews like this. Without any question he followed it. As everything was according to plan, he went inside the cinema unknown and no one's cheering for him. After the premier night, going out thru red carpet, no one could ever stop fanatics to cheer and swarm going towards him.

For this movie he earned and won Best Comedian, Most Promising Newcomer, the IIFA Awards Star Debut of the Year and the prestigious Lions Gold Awards for Best Supporting Actor all in 2010. It turned out that his stardom is also a "Silencer!" No one knows and notices him at first, at the end no one will ever forget him.