His immortal tongue twister screen name “Taj Mahal Badalandabad” in “National Lampoon’s: Van Wilder – Party Liaison” and his own “National Lampoon Van Wilder’s: The Rise of Taj” is indeed a part of our pop-culture. We can conclude, that his fictitious-smart-funny-practical character made him so famous and he earned his own desk now from “White Castle” to “White House.” Yes, there’s no mistake with it he worked as Associate Director for Office of Public Engagement for President Barack Obama from April 8, 2009 up to July 2011.

Kal Penn was born in Montclair, New Jersey, U.S. on April 23, 1977 as Kalpen Suresh Modi. He is an actor-comedian, film producer, and off-course a civil servant. He joined Marlboro Middle School and a member of their official band. He then transferred to Freehold Township High School until his senior years. He finished in his studies with a double major Film and Sociology at UCLA in 2000.

He made his first debut as Jackie Newton in 1998 movie “Express: Aisle to Glory.” He made important roles for various movies like “Freshman”, “ American Desi”, “Hector”, “Badger”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Love Don't Cost a Thing”, “Malibu's Most Wanted”, “Dude! Where’s the Party”, “Ball & Chain”, “Homeland Security”, “Dancing in Twilight”, “Son of the Mask”, “A Lot like Love”, “Sueno”, “Man About Town”, “Bachelor Party Vegas”, “ The Namesake”, “Superman Returns”, “Deck The Halls”, “Epic Movie”, “Triumph: The Lowell Pomerantz Story”, “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain”, “Dementamania”, “ Black Nativity” and the “Sisterhood of Night” in 2014. He has also upcoming movie titled “ The Layover” scheduled for release in 2016. His “Harold & Kumar’s” and “National Lampoon’s” sequel made him famous.

He is often known as a very down to earth person. One time while he’s in line in a banquet, he heard that one of the lady is talking how bad actor he is, instead he tapped the person’s shoulder and agreed how bad his acting is and smiled. He landed various television roles for Brookfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, one of episodes that he bagged most will be in The Big Brain Theory, The House, How I Met Your Mother, Law & Order, Spin City, Angel, ER and more. In this year he have his on TV-Show the Big Picture with Kal Penn.

His interest in politics started and evolved in the stories of his grandparents marching with Mahatma Gandhi in an Indian independence event. Since then he made fascination that one day he'll give proper and humble contributions especially for your ones. He’s finalizing his works for graduate or master’s degree “international security” at Stanford University. He’s still working at the same time for Obama as President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities and Master of Ceremonies for the White House Student Film Festival.

Omi Vaidya English Actor

Omi Vaidya

Who will ever forget this remarkable face in Bollywood? We have same answer..."The Silencer!" or rather "Chatur". A real-life character as they say that you already encountered while staying a boarding house. It could be your roommate, or his character could also be you. A student that is always being bullied because of his accent and unfamiliar with the Hindi language, and also a very irritating character that almost turned to become the antagonist. However he successfully played this role with outstanding dedication and skills. We saw ourselves within his character. Excreting a "soundless-fart" but can be dreadful to others.His real name is Omi Vaidya. Born January 10, 1982 and raised from Yucca Valley-California, United States. What was he then before his one-night-stardom?He's already an actor in California and starred with simple roles in different TV-series. He was the "Rav Nadir " in the TV-Series "Arrested Development" and "Sadiq (My Friend)" in the TV-Series "The Office." He also appeared as unknown inmate from the star-studded and award winning CSI-series. There are a lot of few roles that he appeared but he was famous in the "3 Idiots." He also appeared in a music video Kurti by Bohemia, a famous pop-rap video music in India.  He directed the films "Out of Time" and "The Desert Rose" while working as an actor to different TV series.He denied many times the role of Chatur but he was convinced by one of his friends and the director of the movie. Few days before the release of the movie "3 Idiots" he was invited to appear in an interview. He was instructed by the director to avoid any interviews like this. Without any question he followed it. As everything was according to plan, he went inside the cinema unknown and no one's cheering for him. After the premier night, going out thru red carpet, no one could ever stop fanatics to cheer and swarm going towards him.For this movie he earned and won Best Comedian, Most Promising Newcomer, the IIFA Awards Star Debut of the Year and the prestigious Lions Gold Awards for Best Supporting Actor all in 2010. It turned out that his stardom is also a "Silencer!" No one knows and notices him at first, at the end no one will ever forget him.


Dileep Rao

A game winner turned actor. He is Dileep, a native India-origin but successfully landed on James Cameron’s Avatar and received multiple nominations as a starter. Born on July 29, 1973 as Dileep A. Rao in Los Angeles, California. He appeared in some television episodes and major films. Dileep came with high standard family. His father is an engineer, his mother is a physicist and her sister is a full-time professor at the New York University. Adding to that, he finished Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, San Diego in 1995 and also Master of Fine Arts from American Conservatory Theater. Same with other immigrants, he and his family made a lot of travelling from different countries. From Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, to Denver, to California. He worked for South Coast Repertory and Manhattan Theater Club. In his early career, he made tons of edition, and nothing but audition. He made few 1-2 lines in some of the television episodes but never had a major brake. Instead he did everything and ended up joining a game show “Jeopardy.” On June 7, 2002 he won $34,000 and bagged it home. He was miraculously selected also in 1600 entries to join NPR Weekend Edition Sunday puzzle.With his great perseverance and doesn’t know to give up, he is now known as one of the extremely high-paid actors ranking with Emma Watson and Lee Unkrich. He first premiered in “Indian Ink.” He appeared as Ram Jas in the horror movie “Drag Me to Hell” and “Avatar” as Dr. Max Patel in 2009. He later appeared in the critically acclaimed and star-studded movie “Inception” where he received nominations as “best Ensemble” from Central Ohio Film Critics Association, Phoenix Film Critics Society, Scream Award and Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association. He had also few TV Roles for Standoff in 2006, Brothers and Sisters in 2008 and Touch in 2013. He has his latest films titled “Murder of A Cat” in 2014.

Dileep Rao English Actor