Top10 Must Watch Big Screen Movies For Entrepreneurs

Top10 Must Watch Big Screen Movies For Entrepreneurs Hindi Article

1. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009)

The movie revolves around an average college graduate (39%); Harpreet Singh Harpreet Singh is a popular, talented, upcoming an >> Read More... Harpreet Singh who joins a commercial organisation AYS. He is mistreated and undervalued by the colleagues of that company. He is called Joker Sardar, and the senior officials mock him for his honesty. He quits that job and decides to open a fictitious company of his own “Rocket Sales Corporation.” Four other colleagues from his previous company join him in his quest to become a successful entrepreneur. The movie is a must watch for the people who need motivation as it provides a platform that shows unusual situations test the limits of an individual and his perspective makes him successful. Academic record always loses to confidence, determination, and innovation. Remarks by other people should not affect you from being original and honest.


2. Guru (2007)

The movie lingers around the life of a successful business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani. The protagonist Gurukant Desai, son of a school teacher dreams to become a businessman. The limited opportunities in India made him flew to Turkey where he worked as a petroleum attendant. He marries a wealthy businessman’s daughter and utilizes the dowry to set up a huge company in Mumbai. The company gains incredible profits and becomes a leading business. The recommended movie shows the struggle of an ambitious man to fulfill his dreams. The lead encourages us to believe in you, and one should be clear about what you aspire to become in life, no matter what is in store.


3. Band Baaja Baaraat Click to look into! >> Read More... Band Baaja Baaraat (2010)

The movie’s plot rotates around two young people who are recent college graduates. They both team up to start a wedding planner business company “ Shadi Mubarak Story soon >> Read More... Shadi Mubarak .“ They fall in love eventually and split. It is the turmoil of emotions with heartbreaks, happiness, love, and success. The inspiring movie provides lessons to be a team worker, be a professional, and how to handle the customers. It is a suggested film for all young entrepreneurs.


4. Manzil (1979)

The movie is a tale of a human who aspires to become something big in the business industry. He begins a galvanometer business, but the company eventually fails because of the strict competition. He gets burdened with a gigantic amount of money to return. The lead marries a lawyer’s daughter by lying to her which also puts him in trouble. The lawyer sues him for fraud in the business. He emerges as a success in the tough situations of his life. The lessons of being ambitious, following your dreams, and dealing with hardships make this flick a must watch.


5. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)


The movie is a dark comedy which lingers around two friends who aspire to start a photo studio together. The journey towards their ambition exposes them to corruption, politics, and grey activists. They further fight to bring a murderer to light. The film is a must watch for someone to realize the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. A humorous way of exposing the dark side of Indian politics gives the movie an evident place in the list.


6. Swades (2004)

Ashutosh Gowarikar’s widely popular movie has the plot around a NASA scientist who returns to his village. His NASA’s thoughts and villagers ideas contradict each other. It showcases the development issues in the country, and the lead follows his dream to generate electricity for his village. The motion picture is a complete package for an entrepreneur to understand that strength lies within people. Working for our own country and making efforts to develop it are logical aspects shown in the movie.


7. Corporate (2006)

This venture revolves around the competition between two powerful industrialists who want their companies to gain enormous profits. The base of the motion picture is the 2003 issue of pesticide report that clearly displayed the 30 times higher pesticide levels found in cold drinks. The dirty race for being on top and the effects on common man makes it a must-watch. It is recommended to learn about the pros and cons of doing business.

8. 3 Idiots (2009) 

A super hit Amir Khan Amir Iqbal Khan is a former professional boxer fro >> Read More... Amir Khan movie clearly portrays the faults in our education system. The race to become a topper and the fear of not being successful is the main plot of the story. It questions the Indian mentality to force their children into a particular occupation or stream without considering the ambitions of their children.

9. Special 26 (2013)

The film revolves around con artists who rob rich politicians and businessman by portraying a CBI Team or Income Tax Raid Team. The ones with the black money are the chief target and their fear to get exposed doesn’t allow them to file a FIR. The teamwork and their knowledge are commendable making the movie a part of this list.

10. Badmaash Company Click to look into! >> Read More... Badmaash Company (2010)

The movie is about four graduate friends who start their business together. They make huge profits by illegal means like smuggling. The protagonists are skillful; over enthusiastic and the movie clearly explains the difference between the good and bad happening in this world.