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“Dominick Toretto, you don’t know me…you’re about to!” This could be his most chilling script in his entire career in Hollywood. One of the most famous bald-headed actor and an “action-movie-magnet” is one of Hollywood’s prominent action superstars. Born as Jason Statham on July 26th from Derbyshire, England. He first appeared in a 1998 movie called “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.” 

This was followed in a 2000 movie called “Snatch.” A high profile movie, the story is about a stolen priceless diamond and their group will come and look for it. He made a remarkable performance in a movie with Jet Li Often called as the “Pretty Boy from Beijing.” Fam >> Read More... “The One” in 2001. He is an officer that protects balance in the parallel universe. He will hunt down a criminal-his old partner (Jet Li) that is trying to eliminate his parallel-universe-replica killing them one by one to become the strongest. He became very popular in his “Transporter Series.” His character will have to do liaison works for mobsters, ending up fighting and defending his self after being lured by the tricky mobsters. Another heist planned in their 2003 movie “The Italian Job”, alongside Donald Sutherland Donald McNichol Sutherland is a Hollywood actor wh >> Read More... , Mark Wahlberg One of the multi-awarded youngest and finest star; >> Read More... , Edward Norton He is known to be one of the actors that possess p >> Read More... , and Charlize Theron.

He made a good depiction of a villain in the movie “Cellular” in 2004. A family was abducted by mobsters for accidentally taking video of an actual murder with a corrupt police mid rank officer (Statham). The wife, while incarcerated in a house, dialed a number and got a young man that will try to save her. He made a breathtaking action stunts and performance in the 2006 movie “Crank.” His enemy injected a serum that if his heart loses beat rate he will die. He also starred with Jet Li in the 2007 crime-action movie “ War Click to look into! >> Read More... .” Another “Hunger Games” similar story was his movie in 2008 called “Death Race.” A prison warden tries to run a correctional that is showcasing blood bath car race inside it.

He starred also in the high-profile action movie “The Expendables Series.” Alongside Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger “I am back!” His career will always seem to come t >> Read More... , Bruce Willis This guy was always summoned and well paid by prod >> Read More... , Jet Li, Donald Lundgren and the cameo appearances of Hollywood’s elite and action stars. They are group of mercenaries hired by CIA Ops to complete a mission. He also showed to his protégé how a black market liaison completes their job in the 2011 movie “ The Mechanic Click to look into! >> Read More... .” He also worked with Robert DeNiro in the movie “ Killer Elite Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in the same year. He will try to protect a young girl who holds vital sets of numeric codes whose being hunted by corrupt cops and mobsters in the 2012 movie “ Safe Click to look into! >> Read More... .” He also starred in the movie “ Homefront Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in 2013. A story of a former deep penetrating agent moves his family in a town and got trouble with a local drug lord. He also played the role of “Owen Shaw’s big bad brother” in the 7th installment of “Fast and the Furious Franchise” in 2015. As the villain, he will hunt down the people who are responsible for his brother’s total defeat.


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