Joel McHale’s full name is Joel Edward McHale. He is a man of many talents. He is an American actor, comedian, television host, producer and writer. He is best known for his talent as a host. He is known for his hosting skills in the show The Soup. He is also known for the role of Jeff Winger in the sitcom, ‘Community’. He has appeared in many movies like Spy Kids: All the time in the World, ‘ Blended Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, Spider-Man 2, ‘ Ted Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, and What’s Your Number.

McHale was born on November 20, 1971. He was born and raised in Rome, Italy. His father’s name was Jack McHale, and he was a Dean at Loyola University. McHale’s father is from Chicago, Illinois, and his mother is from Vancouver. He went to Mercer Island High School to complete his secondary education. After completing his schooling, McHale attended the University of Washington to pursue a degree in History. He also served the Theta Chi Fraternity while studying at the University of Washington. Apart from studies McHale was also good in sports. He got recruited for the rowing team and the football team of the University.

From the Professional Actors Training Program, McHale received a Master of Fine Arts degree. McHale started his acting career as a comedian. He was part of the cast of a local comedy television series named Almost Live. McHale moved to Los Angeles after completing his degree in acting. He played small roles in many movies and television serials like CSI: Miami, Will and Grace, and Diagnosis: Murder. He even played a guest role in the show, Thank God You Are Here. McHale also played the role of a bank manager in the movie 'Spider-Man 2.

McHale hosted a weekly television show named The Soup. The show was a huge hit, and so was McHale. After that, he also appeared as a co-host of the show, ‘ Loveline Loveline is an associated radio call-in program, p >> Read More... ’. Later, he got associated with Circle X Theatre, in which he appeared in several plays. He also appeared as a weekly guest on the show Mickey and Amelia, and The Adam Carolla Show. He also appeared in the show, The IT Crowd. In 2009, he starred in the show, Community and after that, he continued hosting The Soup. He even hosted the Independent Spirit Awards in the year 2011, and the ESPY Awards in the year 2015. In 2012, he played the role of Rex in the movie, ‘Ted’.

McHale married Sarah Williams in the year 1996. They reside in California and have two sons.

Jim Gaffigan English Actor

Jim Gaffigan

James Christopher “Jim” Gaffigan isa  well-known comedian, voice-over artist, and author. His comedies are largely centralized upon fatherhood and food. Born on July 7 1966 in Elgin Illinois United States, Gaffigan was raised up in a large family comprising a Banker Father, a mother and his five other siblings. His father who was concerned about his children's future asked them all to possess a professionwhich would be secure and unregrettable. Gaffigan responded by becoming an actor. Gaffigan went to Purdue University  after attending La Lumiere School in La Porte and was involved in the activities of Phi Gamma Delta.\James later on obtained his degree in Finance from Georgetown’s University’s McDonough School of Business in 1988. Inspired by David Letterman, Gaffigan went to New York to try his hands on Comedy and took up work at an advertising company to work during days and go for acting classes at night. But a challenge disguised in the form luck followed suit as one of his fellow co-worker challenged him to perform stand-up seminar after office hours to which he gladly accepted and this thing propelled him towards comedy. Being host of the popular show “The Jim Gaffigan Show”  Gaffigan has entertained masses with his exceptional comic skills. However, his career suffered setbacks in late 90’. Hence he switched to commercials which was a brilliant move; it revived him. He also collaborated with Shia LaBeouf in a 2012 short film Howard Cantour which already was facing many issues. He is often compared with another comedian Stephen Colbert who has been into comedy section but many critics turn up for Jim Gaffigan when it comes to pure apolitical comedy. He married Jeannie Gaffigan who is an American actress. She also tried her luck in comedy.  


Ahmed Ahmed

Ahmed Ahmed was born on June 27,1970, in the place Helwan, Egypt.He was born to Muhammad Ali and Mitzi Shore. When Ahmed was one-month old, he was taken to the U.S where he grew up in the place Riverside, California. He is an actor and a stand- up comedian. His genres include observational comedy and satire. His subjects include Racism\Race relation, Islamophobia, Muslim-Americans and Arab culture. Ahmed has proudly said that his role models are none other than his parents, Mitzi Shore,Muhammad Ali and his friend Vince Vaughn. It was in his 19th years when Ahmed moved to Hollywood to become a stand-up comedian and an actor, and he has to work in the Hollywood ever since he has made his career on shows and several films. His first television shows were the Executive Decision followed by that; he did many shows like JAG, Swingers, Roseanne, MTV’s Punk’s with the actor Ashton Kutcher, Tracey Takes On, and in Comedy Central, Tough Crowd with Collin Quinn. For the show, the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour as his standup routine, he has made jokes on his part in Executive Decision. He has made some journal jobs appearing in the CNN, National Public Radio, and The View. The Walt Street Journal and Newsweek have featured himon its front page in the month of December 2001. He was also featured in a documentary episode about comedians of Muslim America, in the series STAND UP: Muslim America Comics of Age. The Hollywood’s Comedy Store has always gained his regular performance. He had toured all across the US and Europe. He was the one to win the Richard Pryor Award for the ethnic genre comedy during doing with the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour. Ahmed is also the proud guest of a rock and heavy metal concert that fights for social justice which is the Axis of Justice. He had also got a regular role in the show, Sullivan and TBS sitcom. In the year 2004, the comedian Rabbi Bob Alper Howalong with Ahmed Ahmed has toured the USA and has made shows for essential human dignity and Harmony in the show ‘One Arab, One Jew, One Stage’.

Ahmed Ahmed English Actor